Rebel On The Run by Jayne Rylon

rebel on the runTitle: Rebel on the Run

Series: Hot Rods bk 4

Author: Jayne Rylon

Genre: Erotic, Contemporary

Bryce has been keeping a secret. A really big bomb. The Hot Rods have always assumed he’s kept quiet about his family because his childhood was the worst of all of theirs. Considering they’ve lived through druggie parents, abuse, abandonment, and plenty more nightmares, that’s saying something.

Respecting his request for privacy, none of them have ever pried past the guarded shadows in his eyes. After all, nearly all of them know what it’s like to live with ghosts of terrible histories. Better off forgotten. But when Kaelyn DuChamp’s Maserati overheats near the Hot Rod garage, Bryce’s two worlds collide and he’s forced to admit the horrible truth.

He’s a rebel. A runaway from an aristocratic, old-money home…or mansion, as the case may be. Owned by parents who never hit him, or molested him, or ridiculed him. After all, they’d have had to acknowledge him to do that.

After convincing Kaelyn his job at the garage isn’t a joke, or a crazy phase that’s lasted a decade, he can start damage control both with his gang and the girl he’d always thought was too vibrant for her plastic existence. She can’t spill his secret or everything he’s worked for, built and loved will disappear. His family wouldn’t think twice about throwing money at whoever it took to shut down Hot Rods just to bring their ungrateful heir to heel.

Physical versus mental. Refined versus crass. Quiet versus talkative. Bryce and Kaelyn are opposites in every possible way. And you know what they say about that…

Bryce can’t believe how easily the princess fits amidst his garage monkey friends. Soon Kae is emulating all their wild ways. With her hair down, the badass Barbie is more than his libido can handle. Shifting into high gear, he tries to convince her to stay down and dirty with him.

He’s willing to do anything to keep her. Even wear the mantle of his deep, dark, totally privileged pedigree long enough to set things straight.

Thoughts: I like this series. Its very different and that’s what makes it work. Makes the characters so awesome.

One of the things I love about this series is that while there is a central couple, without the whole group none of them would be complete. The first two books in the series dealt with the same three people so this is only the second of the other guys in the group we’ve gotten to know and I have to admit if the others are as hot as these first couple of guys I don’t think my kindle will be able to handle it.

When Bryce left his old life behind he did it to protect the one person he loves more than the guys who became his family. So when she shows up on his turf running away from the same life he’d left he see’s it as his second chance at what he’s always wanted. Only this time they aren’t teenagers.

Watching Bryce come to gripes with this new Kae and how she will fit into his life is like a ride in one of the hot rods he and the guys are known for. Kae is ready to throw the shackles of her old life off and finally be the person she’s always wanted to be, and to be with the one person she’s always wanted at her side.

The one thing Bryce never expected was for her sexual appetites to fall in line with his so easily. It throws him for a loop and excites him at the same time.

Like all the other books in this series, there is a lot of hot sex. Which is one of the reasons we love it so much 🙂

Over all a great installment of this series. I can’t wait to see what she does to Holden the next guy to fall.

Grade B



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