Recipe For Temptation by Gina Gordan

cover70586-mediumTitle:    Recipe For Temptation

Series:  Madewood Brothers #4

Author:  Gina Gordan

Genre:  Romance

Blurb:   She’s the woman he loves to hate.

Penn Foster wants a lot of things. She wants a spot on the board of a charitable foundation. She wants to win the stupid, plastic family trophy. And more than anything, she wants her tall, hot, and brooding boss naked in her bed. Now, on a Hawaiian vacation with her family, she’s desperately trying not to think about how he’d sound whispering dirty things in her ear.

He’s the man she can’t have…or can she?

Cole Murphy keeps himself locked down, away from the press and out of the spotlight. Still haunted by a traumatic childhood, his ability to trust has been decimated. Penn, with her sexy body and confidence, is the only person able to drag him out of his shell. Which is why he crashes her vacation and accepts her proposition for no-strings sex. But is the inescapable heat building between them a delicious temptation, or will it end in total disaster?

Thoughts:  If your looking for a feel good romance, the recipe can be found right here. I’m always a sucker for stories where the two leads have kind of been dancing around their attraction to each other for years. I thought it would play a little bit of a bigger role in this story than it did, but it really did not phase my enjoyment of this story at all. It also had a nice little boss/employee element in there, as well.

I enjoyed the characters of Penn and Cole so much…the personalities of these two characters just really strengthened the overall effect of the book. Not to mention Penn’s family that really just cranks up the entertainment factor! Certain scenarios just had me really thinking of the movie Meet the Parents….LOL I’m telling you, Penn’s dad looked just like Robert De Niro and I could almost hear his distinct way of talking when I read certain lines! Another plus? Even though it is book four of the series, it is very easily read as a stand alone title.

All in all, it was a really fun, enjoyable read with a dash of laughter thrown in for good measure – and a happily ever after to top it off!

Rate:  B+


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