Red Kiss

Red Kiss
Gods of Midnight bk 2

Deidre Knight

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Immortal warrior and Spartan slave River Kassandros has a special gift—the ability to transform into any weapon. But in a recent battle, he was trapped as a dagger, unable to become human again. His one hope of salvation is a mere mortal…

When Emma Lowery beaches her kayak on an uninhabited island off the coast of Savannah, an ancient dagger seems to call out to her. Compelled by dark forces, Emma draws blood with his blade, freeing River. Now he’s stronger, angrier—and exudes more sensuality than Emma can resist.

But a sinister power wants to claim River’s destiny, and his precarious freedom. The pair must join the Spartan warriors to fight Ares himself. But can they face sacrificing their love to protect humankind from the war god’s demonic plan?

REVIEW: Is there nothing hotter than an Alpha male that knows that he needs his woman, will put her first, and can deliver amazing sex? I didn’t think so. As I have said before I love all things Greek, especially the men. 300 is one of my favorite movies in my mind when I read books with Spartan men in them I picture the men of 300 (if you haven’t seen the movie you should, for the eye candy alone).

I loved the characters of this book. River is a man that was born a slave, he has never been a freeman. When Ares makes him into what he becomes he does it in the hopes that he will now become a Spartan warrior, like his best friends. When he is cast into the river by their enemies, and left to die, he begins to believe that the Spartans that he has stood by for the last 2000 years have forgotten him. When he is able to connect with Emma he sees her as his salvation.

Emma has pushed aside her talents and abilities for years because of a tragedy in her past, so when she hears a voice in her head asking for help, she tries to ignore it, but she can’t. When she finds the dagger that is River and saves him, she sets off a series of events that change both of their lives completely.

I loved this book, the attraction, and feelings that develop between River and Emma are so strong and palpable that you can feel it. River finally deals with the way that he thinks the other Spartans view him, and he views himself. Emma finally puts the events in her past behind her.

The secondary story lines are great also. We find out more about the other Spartans, and who they are. There is more of the story line going on with Leonidas and the Oracle.

I just discovered that Ms. Knight is currently working on the next book in this series Red Demon. No news on who the characters are, but can hardly wait for more information.

This is definitely a book that I think all Alpha loving, strong woman loving, readers should check out. You can purchase the book here and here.

I give this book a 4.75 out of 5.

For my review of the first book in this series click on the picture below.



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  1. Heather

    Deidre posted this in a chat.

    Heather, thanks! What a fabulous review of RK! I'm working on RED DEMON right now, which is Ari and Juliana's story (in case you want to add that to the blog.) Lots of good stuff to be excited about, including an anthology I signed on for which will feature Jamie Angel's story! I'm in that with Gena Showalter, Jessica Andersen and Shannon K. Butcher!


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