RELEASE BLITZ – Hard Justice by April Hunt

Title: Hard Justice

SeriesAlpha Security Book #3

Author:  April Hunt

GenreRomance, Suspense

BlurbA DATE WITH DANGER….As the first female operative at Alpha Security, Charlotte “Charlie” Sparks has her work cut out for her. Sure, she can wrestle a man to the ground and hit a target at 200 yards with the best of them. But sometimes, being surrounded by all that testosterone can drive a woman to distraction-especially when that distraction is six-and-a-half feet of cocky, confident, Alpha-trained muscle.

Ex-SEAL commander Vince Franklin has been on some of the most dangerous missions in the world. But pretending to be Charlie’s fiancé on their latest assignment in Miami is his toughest challenge yet. Vince and Charlie are like oil and water; they just don’t mix. And when their fake romance generates some all-too-real heat, Vince learns that Charlie is more than just arm candy. She’s the real deal-and she’s ready for some serious action.

Favorite quotes:  “But I swear to God, if I hear one more crack about practicing for the goddamned honeymoon, this ring’s going to be introduced to your colon – previously owned by a grandmother or not.”

“So basically, the coffee here is literally sh%# coffee and everyone is insane.”

“Well, there goes my idea of jumping on the first man with nipple chains.”

“Let’s get one thing clear right now.  If you want to be hog-tied and blindfolded, you come the f&*@ to me.  No way in hell am I going to stand by and let some twisted bastard do it – and that goes for inside this f*@%&$% club and out of it.  Got it?”

Thoughts: There were a few different reasons why this book was on my TBR list – Sexy, eye-grabbing cover?  Check.  Intriguing blurb?  Check.  One of my favorite authors and prior knowledge with the previous books in this series?  Check…and check.  Add on to that these characters that have such sexual tension between them, and it’s just too good a book to pass up!  And that fact didn’t change the further I got into the book.  Vince and Charlie were both strong, amazing characters that I enjoyed reading about.  I did struggle a bit more with Charlie in regards to her character as she had a tendency to ask more from people than she was willing to give in certain areas which made me question her reasoning more often than not.  She has had a tendency to always think she was being discriminated against which was a little irritating.  She did have her moments though, which kind of saved her character for me in regards to her likeability.  The storyline was engaging, and had its ups and downs – some parts I found very creative and engaging, and others it fell more on the predictable scale.  The characters did have a chemistry together though, that just worked for this book, and I did really enjoy that the book tackled human trafficking which is a huge problem in our world today.  Kudos to the author!

All in all, a book and a series well worth being picked up by readers – particularly those who enjoy romantic suspense.

Rate:  A


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