Rescued by His Christmas Miracle

Rescued by His Christmas Miracle

Cara Colter

Harlequin Romance

Have you ever read a story that made you laugh, made you cry and made you feel good all over? That  is what this story was for me reading it. The perfect Christmas story. It had it all.

Teacher Morgan McGuire is determined to embrace her newfound independence. Until one of her pupils needs her in ways she never expected. Soon Morgan’s life becomes intertwined with that of sexy but cynical Nate Hathoway and his adorable daughter.

Christmas is hard for single father Nate, and the last thing he needs is Morgan reminding him of his private fear: that he’s hopelessly inadequate for the role of daddy….

But as Nate is drawn ever closer to warm, generous Morgan, his hardened heart begins to thaw….

When the book started I wasn’t sure about how this was going to work, but for these two characters it made absolute perfect sense. Nate is a widower, his wife wasn’t the love of his life, but his childhood best friend whose love of her life was their best friend that had died in Iraq. Since her death on Christmas the  only thing that has kept him going is his daughter Ace.

Morgan is Ace’s teacher and against the advice of her fellow teachers and friends has decided to confront Nate head on about his daughter. What she finds is a man completely out of his depth, and completely closed off from everyone except for Ace. Morgan is a woman that has a dream that she is afraid to go after in case it falls apart on her.

Watching these two fall in love and Nate start living again, and Morgan beginning to trust that her dreams may come true, was like watching your favorite Christmas movie on LMN or Hallmark. It was  is the perfect Christmas Story.

Grade A

You can purchase the book from Harlequin here

What do you look for in a perfect Christmas Story, or what are some of your favorite Christmas Stories?

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  1. Lori

    This sounds like a great feel-good story. Putting it on my list for when I hit up Harlequin after work!


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