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As most of you know, and how could you not, Heather & I spent the weekend in Denver at RomCon. It was one of the best weekends ever! Heather is in the process of downloading all the pictures we took, so they will be posted soon, with a lot more details.

Just to touch on a few highlights of mine. My favorite event was the fashion show I am so glad I was able to get a ticket to the event! Our event Birds of a Feather seemed to go over well, at least that is what I heard. We were terrified that no one would show up and if they did no one would want to talk. Instead everyone was terrific and it was a lot of fun.

But the best part of the whole weekend was meeting up with favorite authors from last year, Erin Kellison, Melissa Mayhue, Janelle Dennison, Carly Phillps. And this year meeting new authors Erin Quinn, Sylvia Day, Lisa Kessler, and I had a fan girl moment with Jennifer Ashley.

All in all it was outstanding and can’t wait till next year; dates have been announced so mark your calendars June 22-24 and bonus from us, if you participate in the RomCon Reading Challenge this next year we will do a drawing with the people who have read the most books, prize RomCon registration.



  1. Aurian

    O wow, I would also have a total fan girl moment, meeting so many great authors. Glad you all had such a great time over there.

  2. Marelou

    Heather and Melissa: I attended your Birds of a Feather session and i thought it went really well. I was a bid disappointed because it ended so quickly. I liked that authors as readers voiced their thoughts and I thought you moderated it very well. And yes, wasn’t that fashion show amazing! Glad you made it back home safe!

  3. Melanie - Admin

    Aurian I so wish you were closer and could come next year, we will have to work some magic and see what can happen.

    Marelou – Thank you so much for attending and enjoying yourself; considering how stressed we were about it the response was so rewarding.


  4. Kim in Hawaii

    OK, that was just a tease … your long distance fans are waiting on pins and needles for details, gossip, and pictures!

    I must have missed your previous discussion of “Birds of a Feather” – can you tell me about it?

    And thanks for the dates … we move back to the mainland next summer so let’s see if we can detour through Denver!

  5. Terry Odell

    I’ll be doing a brief recap of the Birds of a Feather session at my blog on Thursday (8/11). I’m glad we could attend as ‘reading authors’. I found it an excellent discussion.

    Terry Odell

  6. Lisa Kessler

    Hi Melanie! *waving*

    It was a blast meeting you and your sister!!! 🙂

    SO fun!



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