Review: Twilight with the Infamous Earl by Alexandra Hawkins

twilight with the infamous earlTitle: Twilight with the Infamous Earl

Series: Lords of Vice bk 7

Author: Alexandra Hawkins

Genre: Historical

Luck Be A Lady

Lord Chillingsworth’s reputation precedes him—the infamous “Frost” is as legendary on the field of honor as he is in the bedroom. Which makes it surprising that young Emily Cavell has taken up the cause of closing Frost’s favorite gambling hell. Who does this brazen, flame-haired beauty think she is?

Love: A Roll Of The Dice?

Emily’s vendetta is personal: She is determined to take a pound of flesh from Frost, who ruined her sister. But the man she meets is not the cold-hearted devil she imagined—and is twice as handsome to boot—and soon Emily finds herself falling for him. Their battle of wills quickly ignites into blazing desire. Could it be that the most jaded Lord of Vice is finally willing to risk everything and gamble on her heart? Or is true love only a fool’s game?

Thoughts: I’m a fairly picky historical romance reader, having read the genre for twenty-five years so it takes a lot for me to gush about a historical series, and book. That being said there are several authors whose books I buy automatically because they have consistently delivered a great story. Alexandra Hawkins is one of those authors.

In her Lords of Vice series she has created a world that sucked me in and has kept me there from book one. While all the characters were well developed and had great love stories, love stories that were unlike other series as the heroines were the most unlikely of heroines for these men, there has been on character throughout the series that almost steals the page whenever he appeared. Frost, Lord Chillingworth, is one of those characters whose story you desperately want, and yet you don’t want because you imagine you are the one to finally tame him, if taming is even possible.

With a character like Frost there is a lot of pressure to deliver a story that doesn’t change who he is (because lets be honest this is why we love him) and yet give him a story where he doesn’t necessarily change, but realize that he can be and have more.

In Twilight with the Infamous Earl, Hawkins does this, and she does it in a way that makes you sigh and wish there was more at the end of the book.

The reason Emily goes after Frost will make perfect sense for anyone who has read a book in this series, as it is something he would do. She very quickly however is drawn to him, and wars with herself about her vendetta. She quickly discovers there is more to Frost then even his friends know.

With the way the book ends I’m really hoping that there is a second group of Lords of Vice because I can’t imagine saying goodbye to this series.

They say that good things come to those who wait, and for fans of this series I can tell you it was worth the wait for Frost and Emily.

Grade A+


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  1. Laura Polito McEleney

    I feel the same about some authors, and you are right, I see an Alexandra Hawkins book and I automatically pick it up or order it with out even having to read the synopsis 😀 I can’t wait for Frost’s book….Been looking forward to his story since his first appearance in the series!


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