RomCon 2012 Ticket Giveaway

One of my favorite things to do during the summer is to go to Denver and the really fun romance convention RomCon. The first year we went I got to meet 5 of my all time favorite authors Christine Feehan, Nalini Singh, Melissa Mayhue, Carly Phillips and Janelle Denison. I also met some of the authors who we know count as friends Jessa Slade, Delilah Marvelle, Erin Kellison, Jenn LeBlanc Erin Nicholas, Erin Quinn and Sylvia Day (just to name a few). It is also where I met Janon.

This year me (Heather) and Janon are  headed back there and I for one can’t wait. There some returning authors and some new ones who I am excited to meet and get to know.

We are giving away a ticket to RomCon 2012 to one commenter all you have to do is tell me the 5 authors you would like to meet at RomCon, whether they are coming this year or not. This contest will run until Sunday May 27th.



  1. Pat L.


    Robyn Carr
    Susan Mallery
    Kate Angell
    Jill Shalvis
    Toni Blake

  2. Shelley Bagby

    Julie James
    Jill Shalvis
    Julia Quinn
    Vicki Dreiling
    Carly Phillips
    I could go on and on and on!

  3. Karin Anderson

    Kelley Armstrong (SQUEE!!!!)
    Gena Showalter (sadness…)
    Elizabeth Hoyt (Yay!)
    Melissa Mayhue (Loved her last year)
    & Alexandra Ivy 😀

  4. Pam McLeod

    Teresa Medeiros
    Julia Quinn
    Elizabeth Hoyt
    Kat Martin

    And of course Jenn LeBlanc….
    Of course I could probably find a few more I’d like to meet… i.e Vicki Dreiling, on man there are just too many to name…

  5. Pam McLeod

    I could I forget Elise Rome aka Ashley March.

  6. Jenn LeBlanc

    Id like to meet Pam McLeod. I hear she is super cool.



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