RomCon Reading Challenge

For those of you that have followed us over from the old site you already know about this and have been waiting for this, for those of you that are new to us well this is something that we love.

Last year Mel and I became a part of something that has become very dear to us, it was RomCon, a convention designed for us the readers. As we looked at the list of authors that were going to be there we realized that we had never read anything from more than half of them so we came up with this challenge, the challenge is to read at least one book from every author that will be attending the convention.

We almost made it to. I think we were both short by between 10-15 authors.

We are going to be doing the same challenge for RomCon 2011, but instead of waiting until February we are going to start it in October.  We will initially list all of the spotlight authors (there are about 12 of them) and we can all start working on those and than each month, once the attending authors start being posted, we will focus on between 5-10 authors instead of all of them at once. At the beginning of each month we will post the authors for the month.

There is a page titled RomCon Reading Challenge where we will post the complete list of the authors and the months where we read them.

This year we will have almost a year to complete the challenge as it looks like RomCon will be in August next year so we all should be able to finish the challenge. I do know that the authors themselves loved this challenge as several of them commented on it at RomCon.

Please take the time to check out the RomCon site, where you will be able to get to know all types of authors along with all the fans of the convention


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