RomCon Tuesday

This is our final Tuesday before RomCon 2011, Heather & I leave Thursday morning to fly to Denver we are so excited.  For those of you who might not know what RomCon is, although if you have followed us at all than you have to, it is a conference for romance readers and the authors we love.  It is a weekend filled with people who like the same books and with authors celebrating the readers.  It is an event that I never plan on missing.  We will be trying to post updates while we are there but if you want quicker info follow us on twitter, Heather is glued to her phone at all times.  This year we are also planning on taking lots of photos, last year we kept forgetting to take pictures so we have to make up for it this year.  We hope for all those who can’t make it this year that you will at least enjoy it through our eyes and hopefully plan to be there for RomCon 2012.


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