RomCon Tuesday

It is time once again to spotlight some of the fabulous authors coming to RomCon.  Don’t forget to keep track of all the books you are reading as one lucky winner will be receiving registration to RomCon; you can do this on the spreadsheet or you can join us over at Shelfari where you can actually post the books you have read and share some good suggestions.

Now on to our authors of the week:

Kimberly Killion is not only a fabulous author but I am lucky enough to have her as my cheerleader in the next Romance Biggest Winner 2 competition.  She is such an inspiring person and I look forward to the next few months getting to know her more.  I decided to pick up her newest book My Cursed Highlander and so far it is great, I am having a hard time putting it down and getting work of any sort done.  Here is a little more about her:

Do you remember the teacher who made a difference in your life?

I do. His name was Dr. Krantz. He was my mythology teacher. While attending college near Kansas City, I was working toward a Bachelor in Fine Arts when I discovered I had to take an elective. I pulled “Mythology” out of a hat, and it was there I found Dr. Krantz. The book wasn’t Romeo and Juliet, as you might suspect, but Dante’s Inferno-a Divine Comedy indeed. Talk about an intriguing read.

Sure, I bought Cliffs Notes—I was eighteen. With a three-hour block of nude figure drawing and rocks to sculpt, who has time to read? Well, I read it. Cover to cover, after which, I read Oedipus, The Iliad, The Odyssey, and a few other Greek tragedies.

I walked away with, not only an “A” in the class, but a love for all things tragic, passionate, and historic. I did receive a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, with which I have enjoyed a rewarding career as a graphic designer for more than fifteen years. I moved on from the ancient authors of yesteryear and became engrossed in the writings of Julie Garwood, Teresa Medeiros, and Gaelen Foley — just to name a few.

Although an artist by profession, I traded my paintbrush for a pen about ten years ago. After writing and illustrating a mystical world of fairies, I began to explore the realm of romance novels. Currently, I work part-time as a College Instructor in St. Louis, Missouri. It is here that I bring my passion for words and the arts into the grueling boredom of lecture to spark the lives of hundreds of young minds.

I reside in Illinois with my two children and a gaggle of cats. I’m a proud member of Romance Writers of America® and Missouri RWA. In addition, I am a member of Hearts Through History as well as PASIC and Novelist, Inc. It is within these organizations where I have found a great deal of support, along with a wealth of knowledge from seasoned authors, workshops, critique groups, and friendly camaraderie.

Every day is a new beginning, as I discover a fascinating character in every person I meet. With every puckered brow or mischievous smile, there’s a hero evolving and a heroine fast at his heels.

Hillary Seidl  I have not had the pleasure of reading a book by Hillary yet but I will be changing that this week.

 I’m an avid reader of romance (since I could get away with it!) and a writer of contemporary/paranormal romance.  I start to freak out if I don’t see a paranormal or ghost hunting show in over a week.  

When I was a little girl, my parents owned a restaurant that was in a haunted building.  It was so amazing to see things happen right in front of me that could not be explained!  The situation flamed my love for the paranormal.  

When I was a teen I wrote a series of mini books.  As an adult, I worked a series of jobs, I never found anything that spoke to my soul.   

I will be honest… I’m a huge fan of Supernatural!  Hot guys solving paranormal mysteries?  I’m there!  That’s when I started writing fan fiction.  Fan fiction is very fun but something was missing. I missed the romance! That is when I started my writing journey.

 More than anything in this world I just want to write.  I am married to my wonderful husband Aaron, who is a Chef in Boulder,Colorado and we have two wonderful miniature dachshunds, Leela and Fry, who are both clever as they are long.  


Happy Reading Everyone!



  1. Lori Corsentino

    I’m lucky enough to personally know these lovely ladies! Both are wonderful authors with great storytelling talents. Kim is also a fantastic graphic artist – having designed my book cover and my website. Hillary has so much enthusiasm and raw talent – she’s a wonder to be around. Nice to “see” you both here!

  2. Gmapeony

    I loved the review. You are so lucky to have a husband that is a chef. LOL.


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