RomCon Tuesday – Abby Gaines and Sheri Whitefeather

This week’s RomCon Tuesday authors are Abby Gaines and Sheri Whitefeather. Both these talented ladies write for Harlequin. When I made the jump to adult romance books I fell in love with Harlequin Series and have stayed there.

Abby writes for Harlequin NASCAR and Super Romance lines and I have to say that I like her writing style. For the reading challenge I read her book The Daddy Diapers and I really enjoyed it. In fact I liked it so much that I am currently combing through amazon adding her books to my wish list. Those  Merritt Girls a trilogy about three sisters will be my next kindle buy.

If you have never read one of her books stop by her website and check out the list of her books, and read a bit about her. I do have to say that of all the author bios that I have read on line I liked her’s the best. It is fun and quirky, and I have to say that I am really looking forward to meeting her.


The Diaper Diaries

Gorgeous single philanthropist Tyler Warrington doesn’t do empathy—he writes checks. Giving away millions is all part of a plan to schmooze into a big-shot government job. So when a baby is left at his doorstep, it’s the PR opportunity of a lifetime! One problem: who’ll take care of the diapers and drool until Tyler can track down the kid’s mother? It could only be the do-gooder pediatrician who’s been hounding him for funding: Bethany Hart.

But the sizzling attraction between them causes cracks in Tyler’s armor. Is the so-called most caring man in the South actually starting to care?



I had never heard of Sheri Whitefeather, so when I hit the harlequin site and read one of her stories there I went why the heck have I not read one of her books. The story that I read for the challenge was Thief of Hearts  it was a really cute story, that I really enjoyed here is the link to it. After reading this story I decided to had find out more about her, so I hit her website and then hit amazon as her books look really great and very interesting. If you like books that have a bit more shall we say a little bit more then you will like her. I can hardly wait to meet her.

Thief of Hearts

Kristen Parker longs to shed the ladylike image that comes with being the well-bred daughter of a senator. So, armed with sexy lingerie, she’s in Las Vegas to fulfill her fantasy of spending an incredible night with an incredible hunk. A tall, dark and mysterious man at the bar is just what Kristen imagined — and so much more. Will she gamble on the affair of a lifetime?


If you have yet to start the RomCon Reading Challenge these two authors are a great place to start. I know that I enjoyed their stories and can hardly wait to read more of them. I think that is really is the best part of the challenge, discovering new authors.


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