RomCon Tuesday…Heather’s thoughts on RomCon

With less than a month till RomCon I thought that it would cool if Mel and I told you why we love RomCon and will always support it. It was a year and half ago when I got an invite to be a judge in a new award the Readers Crown Award. I mentioned it to Mel and she did some research about it and found out that it was a brand new convention. We loved the concept and the fact that some of our personal favorite authors were going to be there and we were all on board.

When we went last year we didn’t know a single person and had told Michelle and Elaine that we would help out this lead to us hanging with some amazing authors..Julia Quinn, Anna Campbell and Elizabeth Hoyt.

That week-end was one of the best week-ends we have ever had. When we sat down to talk to people we could talk about our favorite books and characters they all know exactly who and what they are talking about, and we had great conversations about them. We hung out in the bar with Lila DiPasqua, Jessa Slade and Delilah Marvelle to name a few…ate dinner with Carly Phillips, Janelle Denison and Erin Kellison.

And then there was the swag…oh the swag, books books and more books. What more can two book lovers want, authors we love, people that speak our language and free books. We were in seventh heaven. When we left that week-end we knew that we would be back.

As soon as the dates were announced for this year I started planning. I informed my family that I would be gone that week-end and then I started preparing. There was a lot of new authors coming that I didn’t know which meant more books to read. I then started talking on twitter about RomCon and how much I was looking forward to it.

This year I am super excited to return because not only are we going to reconnecting with authors that we connected with last year, but also I get to meet in person the people that I have come to know on twitter, get to know new authors and meet new people as well.

When it comes down to I think the reason that I will always support RomCon is because it is a setting where we get to sit around and talk to our favorite authors and like minded readers in a relaxed atmosphere. For as long they are doing this I will be attending.


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  1. Kim in Hawaii

    I regret that I cannot attend RomCon this year as we will be back in Hawaii (and school will have resumed). I enjoyed it last year, including meeting you gals, and recommend it to any reader! If offers fun events and intimate opportunities to meet your favorite authors! I look forward to your recap!




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