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This week’s RomCon spotlight author is Kasi Alexander. Kasi’s first book Becoming Sage came out this month. Her book is a bit different from the normal romance books. If you like Lora Leigh’s Bound Series, Maya Banks Sweet Series, and Melissa Schroeders A Little Harmless Series this book is a bit like these and then some. So pull up a seat and get to know Kasi.

TBRG: Who has been the biggest influence on your writing?

KA: As far as writing style, I try to absorb good ideas and techniques from every book I read. As far as Becoming sage is concerned, the plot was strongly influenced by my poly family and my Dominant (Master) in particular. It is based in the experiences we went through becoming a family, although the actual events were much different.

TBRG: What is the one thing your readers would be the most surprised to know about you?

KA: That I am actually in a Master/slave relationship (I identify as a slave), that I help run a successful chainmail business, and that I was raised in a very religious (fundamentalist) environment.

TBRG: Where is the one place you have always wanted to, a place on your bucket list?

KA: Greece

TBRG: Who are some of your go to authors, and what are you reading right now?

KA: For “comfort” reading, I go to Diana Wynne Jones or PG Wodehouse. I love listening to the Victorians on CD, and I’ve recently become a little addicted to Charlaine Harris. I am currently working my way through Omnific Publishing’s books (my publisher).

TBRG: If you weren’t writing and keeping us in books (thanks for that by the way), what would you be doing?

KA: Chainmail, most likely. Chainmail is like meditation for me. I also do have a day job, however, at a nonprofit trade association.

TBRG: Who is on your playlist when you are writing?

KA: I like listening to instrumentals when I’m working. I’m particularly fond of Middle Eastern and some New Age/mantra music.

TBRG: Where do your ideas/characters come from?

KA: My characters come from the people I know, definitely. I try to mix and match them, so that no one character is completely recognizable, although some are more so than others. The plot ideas are brainstormed by my family/writing team.

TBRG: Are you a planner or a fly by the sear author?

KA: I’d love to have a complete outline when I start a book, but that just doesn’t work for me. The characters usually have other ideas. So we generally come up with a plan for the next couple of chapters, and then take it from there when we see what’s actually gotten written.

TBRG: You have just written your first book, what was that process like for you?

KA: It was an amazing process. My Master and I decided to use this as a personal/career development tool, and we agreed on a formal writing schedule. It wasn’t a lot of writing every week, because of work and school and the chainmail business, but it was consistent and it got the job done. It was quite challenging for me to have to write when I didn’t feel like it, but it’s making the second book much easier. I feel much more confident and motivated this time, knowing there is a publisher who actually wants it.

TBRG: You will be attending RomCon this year, what are you looking forward to the most about it?

KA: Definitely looking forward to being there as an author. Last year we were there as vendors to meet people and get a feel for the industry. I’m really glad we did, because I wouldn’t have met the great people from Omnific Publishing otherwise, but it’s going to be so cool to be a published author and maybe even get to sit on a panel and discuss Becoming sage.

Becoming Sage

With a failed marriage behind her, Jill Marten was looking to start a new chapter in her life. She had no idea that running into her old friend, Jessie, would unlock a whole new world. When she accepts Jessie’s invitation to a party, in order to “try something completely different,” it awakens a need to discover her place in a new community. Jessie, also known as sunni, is a submissive slave who is in a loving relationship with her Master, Sir Rune. When Rune and sunni ask Jill to be a part of their family, Jill begins her journey into submission, bondage, and polyamory, even as she questions everything that she has been taught about love and relationships. She begins to face her own desires and fears as she struggles with feelings of jealousy, inadequacy, and self-worth. Once she opens the door to a life she never imagined, a peek through the keyhole is no longer enough, and she must learn what it means to become sage



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  1. Jennifer Lane

    I think I need a Master to keep me on a writing schedule. 🙂 Looking forward to reading this novel!


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