RomCon Tuesday – Melissa Mayhue

We are SUPER excited to welcome one of our favorite authors Melissa Mayhue. She is one of the funnest people that we had the privilege to get to know, and man can she bogey. I think she out danced everyone there 🙂

Why RomCon?

I first heard of RomCon before it had a name, back in the days when it was just a twinkle in the eyes of its creators.  Over lunch one day, one of those creators, Elaine Levine, excitedly shared the idea of how cool it would be to have a Reader focused Romance Conference in Denver.

I totally agreed.

When the ‘twinkle’ became a reality in 2010, I was one of the first to sign up to attend.  After that first conference, I was all ready to sign up for 2011!

What did I like about it?  Wow.  Where do I even begin???

There’s the mundane things like loving a conference far enough away from home that I have to stay in the hotel but close enough I can drive and take as much stuff as I want without worrying about having to shove it into on bag!

Then there’s the really important part – the opportunity to connect with the readers in a way I haven’t been able to before.   Now, don’t get me wrong… I love writers.  Heck, I’ve never met a writer who wasn’t a reader long before she began writing!  But the chance to go somewhere and sit down with people who’ve read your books and know your characters almost as well as you do?  As the commercial says, that’s priceless!  And so much fun!  The hardest part was trying to remember how much the Readers already knew and how much was in the books I’d been working on that weren’t yet in print!

I was lucky enough last year to host the Reviewer/Blogger Party and it was so much fun putting together the giveaway bags for the party.  Working with a variety of publishers and authors to gather books and fun items to give to our attendees, that last week or so before RomCon, it was like Christmas every day as a new box would arrive at my house, stuffed with ‘stuff’ for the bags!  I’m hoping the event [which I get to host again!] will be every bit as much fun this year!

The biggest thing about RomCon from my perspective was that it felt amazingly different from every other conference I’d been to.  I’ve been to smaller Romance Writers of America chapter conferences as well as the annual National RWA conference.  I’ve been to the Romantic Times Convention.  And though the first are admittedly skewed toward writers and the second is billed as a Reader event, RomCon was honestly, totally Reader focused.  No writing or publishing workshops of any kind.  It was clear from the moment I received my schedule that Authors were there as a benefit to the Readers rather than the other way around.  My entire weekend was completely booked by the organizers with back-to-back events and I came home absolutely exhausted… but it was worth every minute!  It was a wonderful opportunity to get to know people who had been simply personalities on my computer screen before RomCon, both Readers and other Authors.  I also had the opportunity to make so many new friends who I now follow online and I’m looking forward to connecting with them in person again.  I’m also looking forward to meeting a whole host of new people this year… and for an introvert like me, that’s saying a whole heck of a lot!!!

I wouldn’t trade the experience of RomCon for anything and I strongly encourage anyone out there who loves Romance books and visiting about them with others who feel the same way to make every effort to join us in Denver for RomCon this year.   If you’ve never been to a Reader Conference or you consider yourself a tad on the shy side, you might be feeling a little unsure.  I totally understand.  I’m definitely someone who’s more comfortable sitting in the corner and watching than standing up front and leading the way.  But a few hours into RomCon and you know you’re surrounded by people who love books just as much as you do.

I know I’m already looking forward to August – and I hope to see YOU there!

***Melissa has graciously offered to send a copy of her newest book Highlander’s Curse to one lucky commenter. All you have to do is tell us if you were to come to RomCon which authors you would like meet, whether they are coming this year or not. Contest ends on Friday June 17th.

When COLIN MACALISTER is cursed by the Faerie Queen and ends up in the bed of a twenty-first century woman — who also happens to be the most beautiful creature he’s ever laid eyes on — he’s torn between anger and lust. Colin is determined to see Scotland free of English control and must return to the fourteenth century, yet he cannot forget the woman who haunts his dreams and stirs him with scorching desire.

ABIGAIL PORTER can’t believe her luck. After making a wish to find her Soulmate, she wakes up to find a gorgeous man in her bed! Can he really be a medieval Highlander summoned by her Faerie Magic, however? It seems crazy, but when Abby discovers someone wants to enslave her because of her Faerie heritage, she agrees to flee with Colin to 1306 Scotland to avoid capture.

Thwarting danger at every turn, Abby and Colin surrender to an irresistible passion. But is the magic of true love powerful enough to save them?



  1. Aurian

    Thanks for your post Melissa, I adore your books. And not only the covers ;).
    I hope there will be many more. And I would love love to visit a convention, but living in Holland makes that nearly impossible, as it is way to expensive.

    My favourite romance authors whom I would love to meet? Well, yourself ofcourse, but also some “golden oldies” like Jude Deveraux, Bertrice Small, Johanna Lindsey, Elizabeth Lowell, Catherine Coulter. Jayne Ann Krentz, Susan Sizemore, Jennifer Ashley, Nora Roberts, Annette Blair, Yasmine Galenorn, and so many many more.

  2. Melissa Mayhue

    Thanks for the lovely compliment, Aurian!! Wow… that WOULD be a long trip. Holland is one of the places on my “Some Day” list. Back in his Navy days, my husband was in Norway, but that was as close as he got, so it’s definitely a place we both want to see one day.

    As far as your list of authors, I totally agree. You have some of my personal favorites there!

    ~ Melissa

  3. CrystalGB

    Hi Melissa. I love the cover to your book. I would love to meet Sherrilyn Kenyon, Nalini Singh, Lisa Kleypas, Elizabeth Hoyt and many more. 🙂

  4. Keisha Talley

    I would love to meet Nora Roberts, Larissa Ione, Donna Grant.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  5. Debbie Bussie

    Hello Melissa. I enjoyed your post and I love your books. Wish I could go to RomCon. Sounds exciting. Would love to meet you along with Sherrilyn Kenyon, Kresley Cole, Gena Showalter, Dakota Cassidy, JRWard and of course KMMoning. Plus I know there are alot more. Hope y’all have fun and thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Linda

    The cover of the book is lovely. Definitely magical! Kinda like to put it up on my bedroom wall & hope it inspires sweet dreams (with a dashing hero included).

    I’d love to meet Lisa Kleypas, Julia Quinn, Sabrina Jeffries, Stephanie Laurens, CL Wilson just to name a few.

  7. Heather F

    I’ve wanted to attend RomCon since I first heard about it last year. At the time I didn’t realize it was the first one. I’ve asked every book reader I know to go with me with no real takers yet. I would absolutely love to attend one year! My list of writers to meet would be…

    Melissa Mayhue (you!)
    Sylvia Day
    Julia Templeton
    Sasha White
    Anna Camobell
    Margaret Mallory

    and that’s just to name a few.

    As for Highlander’s Curse I have already devoured it and am anxiously awaiting the next in the series! I’m abosolutely loving the Daughter’s of the Glen series and actually suggested to Anna Campbell and a few others that they shoudl check them out. 🙂

  8. Julie

    As I am quite sore about missing Nalini Singh on her USA tour kickoff in Northern California, I’m going to have to put her near the top of my list. :<

  9. Melissa Mayhue

    Hey, Heather F — if not being able to talk another reader into going along with you is all that’s holding you back from attending, you should know that RomCom has a really cool thing it does — it matches you up with other readers attending to be buddies! I can’t remember the name of the program [watch it be something like Buddy List!!!] but it basically puts you together with built in friends so you can get to know each other by email ahead of time and have some people you’ve already connected with when you get to RomCon. check their website… I’m sure there’s something there. Or… maybe if someone more familiar with their program sees this, they can jump in here??? 🙂

    ~ Melissa

  10. Na

    Melissa, your books have such gorgeous covers. I’m planning to include your novels in my summer reads.

    There are so many authors I would love to meet at RomCon including,
    Melissa Mayhue, Melody Thomas, Lisa Kleypas, Susan Wiggs, Brenda Joyce, Lori Wilde, Kristan Higgins, Julie Garwood, Jude Deveraux, Kristin Hannah, Karen Marie Moning, JR Ward and Nora Roberts. Plus so much more! I always love discovering new authors.

  11. Heather F

    Actually Melissa I had heard of their buddy program and I think it’s a great thing! Money would be the other thing stopping me. I’m a stay at home mom and my husband does his very best to earn a living for us, extravagances just aren’t in the budget. I’ve entered the lottery to win a ticket and the Ashley March/Jenn LeBlanc contest to win one. Keeping my fingers crossed on those. But I know at some point I will make it out there. It makes me drool every time I think about all the events going on out there. And Colorado is just a beautiful backdrop for it.

  12. Pat L.

    Love the cover. Would love to win this book.


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