RomCon the whole shebang pt 1

Ok here is the full report. Be warned this may be a rather long post.

 Thursday dawned bright and early when we left a very hot Las Vegas and headed to a much cooler Denver for the very first RomCon Convention. When we got there we got on the shuttle and there was 3 ladies already on it. 2  ladies that call themselves convention sluts, and a lady that we ended spending a lot of time with Louise Foray.

When we got there we went to have lunch and there was a lady sitting in the restaurant that had a kindle and we started talking to her about it, turns out that Felicia was there for the convention also and was a riot, she is also a blogger and can be found over at Geeky Bloggers Book Blog as we were sitting there talking another lady came in and sat by herself, we asked her to come join us, Stephanie is from MA and is a book seller, and knew way more than any of us about books, as we were chatting another lady joined us Carrie who is also a blogger and can be found over at The Book Girl .

 After that we went up to the room and unpacked and worked on the twitter and fb page for the new site (more to come on that in the future). We then went down to dinner, while we were at dinner we got a call from Michelle that they needed help stuffing the goody bags and so we took Stephanie along and went to help stuff books. Holy crap there were a lot of books, not that that is a bad thing. We were meeting Karen and DJ from Accomplice Press for drinks so we didn’t stay long before we had to meet them. We had a great time with them, while we were there we kinda merged our table with the table next to us where Katie from Babbling about Books and More, Melissa Schroeder an awesome author, and had really great conversations.

We went back to help out with the bags and there was one lady in there stacking books, we went over and saw that they were Julia Quinn books and I went oh I don’t have this book, the lady came back over and said that the book was great but the author is a complete bitch, my jaw dropped, I said in a stunned voice “you don’t like Julia Quinn” another lady pointed to her and mouthed that she was Julia Quinn, this became a thing between us all week-end. We then met Anna Campbell and had a blast with her.

The night ended with us in the business center making our cards with the name of our site, our email address, fb page and twitter name. We were tired and paunchy  but everyone loved them so I guess we are very creative at 1 in the morning.


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