RomCon Wrap-Up

So Heather already went over the first day of arrival with everyone a few days ago and I thought I should let you know how the conference was. It officially began Friday afternoon but both of us were able to go to the early bird breakfast with Tara Janzen and Cindy Gerard – I think it was a dream come true for Heather – It was really nice being that close to the authors in a very casual atmosphere. As the conference began we were able to attend some of the events and intimate chats and I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to talk with the authors attending along with the other people there, I was nervous about this part and did not need to be.

They had all kinds of events planned for the weekend we did not attend them all since there were so many. There were several intimate chats and some tea parties along with author alley and speed date an author (these were really fun). A few games like were-squares, charades and murder mystery events, there was also a costume and masquerade ball, and you can’t forget the vendor area, got to get that shopping in. There was also a book signing event which was open to the public and Borders had an area set up where you could buy some books to have signed.

Here are a few of our favorite memories: Heather did go a little fangirl around Christine Feehan, and we were able to have dinner with Erin Kellison, well there were other people at the table but it was like we were the only ones there. One of the main reasons I wanted to go was to meet Melissa Mayhue who was there with her daughter-in-law Megan, they were both so much fun. We were able to meet Jessa Slade and spent quite a bit of time with her, she even found as at the airport to chat for a little while. We were even given a couple nicknames, Cindy Gerard started calling us “The Vegas Bookends” and Leeanne Banks autographed our books to “The Rockin Vegas Babes”, Oh and we have decided that Carly Phillips is addicted to Twitter, she was tweeting all weekend. And how can I forget – I won a Kindle, which I am sure Heather was very happy with, now she does not need to listen to my debates any longer.

Tips for the next RomCon: since one of my biggest complaints was the food, not enough and what they did have was not very good (we are from Vegas after all) – my solution for next year, just in case, is to pack a few things that I can make in the microwave. Get better luggage with nice wheels, you get a lot of books which are not fun to carry around. Oh and don’t plan on sleeping, I think we averaged 2-3 hours a night, but it was so much fun.

It was probably one of the best weekends we have ever had and will definitely be attending next year, plans are set for Denver again they are still trying to get the dates down. Overall, we made some very good connections and we will have all kinds of stuff to share with everyone else in the near future, not just books but hopefully some fudge also.

Keep an eye out, once we get the information we will be hosting our RomCon Reading Challenge again, we are working out all the details.


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