Rule Breaker by Lora Leigh

A1NGeNm8ilL._SL1500_Title:  Rule Breaker

Series:  The Breeds Series Book #28

Author:  Lora Leigh

Genre:  Romance, Sci-Fi-Fantasy

BlurbLion Breed and enforcer Rule Breaker has just a few rules he doesn’t break. Not for anything. Not for anyone—like never have sex with a woman outside his own breed, especially a human woman. Especially someone too helpless, too fun loving and too full of life to ever be able to protect herself, let alone help him to protect her.  If the damned animal inside him insists on a mate, then why pick her? A woman who is an easy target and who can be used as a weapon against him at any time.  But what he suspects is mating heat may not be that at all. Just his animal instincts rioting, pacing, irritated whenever he’s away from her.  Okay, he can handle that.  What ensues is a fiery affair that breaks all the rules of mating heat and will eventually endanger his mate with the very rules designed to protect the Breeds—for she’s possibly been working against them…

Thoughts:  First off, if you have never read Lora Leigh before I highly recommend that you read the previous books in the series before even attempting this one.  Keep in mind that this is a series that is close to reaching thirty books!  I have read all of them and even I found myself a bit lost at times in this one.  Regardless, I definitely do not recommend just diving right into this one without a lot of back story from the previous ones.

Having said that, I have to say that for me this one was just okay.  It doesn’t even come close to being one of my favorites for the series.  Overall, the whole thing was lengthy – close to 450 pages – and in the case of this one – the story wasn’t spectacular enough to rate that many pages.  I really had to resist just skimming through a bunch of pages!  Other than the lengthiness, I can’t really even pinpoint why.  I liked the characters, I liked the story….it just didn’t call to me like it should.  It had moments where it picked up….particularly toward the end, but overall it was a little flat.  If you’re a fan, you still won’t want to miss this one though because we did get answers to a lot of lingering questions from this series (for example, the identity of ‘Whisper’).  Of course, on the other hand, I also expected a more dramatic revealing of such information.  (sigh)  I really want to feel passion for this series again, but I’m beginning to wonder if that will ever happen.

I wanted to love it – I really did….I love Lora Leigh and no matter what she’s still a great author.  To be honest, I would really love to see something fresh and new from her.  I want to fall in love with one of her books again!  This one just didn’t do that for me.  No matter what though, it’s still good – it’s Lora Leigh after all!   

Rate:  B-


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