Run Wild By Lori O’Clair

Title: Run Wild

Series: The Bounty Hunters bk 4

Author: Lori O’Clare

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Hot on the trail of a cold-blooded killer, a small-town sheriff risks his life—and his heart—with one sexy partner…
Raised in a family of professional bounty hunters, Natasha King knows the dangers of tracking down fugitives—especially when they’re wanted for murder. But this is no ordinary mission. This time, it’s personal. The suspect is her own long-lost father—and the lawman hunting him down is dangerously close to catching her off-guard…
In all his years as sheriff, Trent Oakley has never seen a woman as strong-willed—or as scorching hot—as Natasha. With her big-city experience and black-belt training, she’s his best chance for tracking down the Trinity Ranch killer. Problem is: Can he trust her? As the trail gets hotter, their attraction burns wilder, and soon Trent’s not sure who’s hunting who. But one thing’s for sure: Natasha is one woman who always gets her man…

I’ve read a few Lori O’Clare books before, and after reading the blurb I knew this was a must read as well. Come on a Sexy Sheriff, small town and a child who’s love for a father that was absent most of her life knows no bounds.

I’ve read all of her bounty hunter books but if this is a first for you it’s easily read as a standalone as well.

Natasha gets an unexpected phone call from the sheriff asking her to come up north to answer some questions about her father. One she hasn’t seen in years. She goes to see him though she’s fairly certain she won’t be able to help him.  As Trent the Sheriff shares with her that her father is a murder suspect she wants to stick around to prove his innocents because family is the most important thing to her.

Trent loves being the sheriff in this small town, even with a horrific murder on his hands his hope of solving this case falls to finding Natasha’s father so he can close this case quickly. The one thing he hadn’t expected was his attraction to Natasha, the more clues the find together the more he suspects foul play.

I love books with a great back story and a whole lot of romance. I loved how Lori strung you along throughout the book adding to the suspense of never knowing what was coming next.

I loved this book and will continue to read Lori’s books.

Grade B+



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