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Christine Feehan

As I have previously admitted I am a HUGE Christine Feehan fan and I had my fan girl moment with her this past summer, with all that being said lately I haven’t been enjoying the last couple of books in this series. All of that changed with this book.

A woman on the run, with more to live for than she imagined, collides with a danger more lethal than she feared in the all-new Ghostwalker scorcher by #1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan…

Ghostwalker Kane Cannon is pure male—animalistic, sexual, protective, instinctive—and his past missions have prepared him for anything. But his newest assignment, to rescue hostages in Mexico , plunges him into a hot zone he never anticipated: the hiding place of Rose Patterson—fugitive, ex-lover, a fellow Ghostwalker pregnant with his child.

Rose is in flight from the insidious experiments that still live in her dreams, and from the madman who’d do anything to take her child. Of all the Ghostwalkers enlisted to hunt her down, Kane is the only one she can trust. But as their passion reignites, the stakes are raised. Because Kane is now a wanted man as well. And together they’re about to face the most desperate challenge of all: staying together and staying alive.

In the book Deadly Game we found about Whitney’s breeding program and had a brief two paragraphs about a pregnant female and the soldier that was helping her escape, well this is their story.

From the moment I got this book, all I wanted to do was find a corner and read, it grabbed me from the first sentence.

Rose is eight months pregnant and trying to stay one step ahead of Whitney, what she does is end up in the middle of a cartel war zone. Because of her conscious she has to let someone know about the hostages, what she never expected was for the team that came to rescue to have Kane be on the team.

Kane has been searching for Rose for months, ever since he helped her escape Whitney’s compound, knowing that there was a possibility that she was pregnant. The one place he never expected to find her was in the middle of a war zone.

Okay, I have to say that there was absolutely nothing that I didn’t like about these two, yes they had their issues, both suffering a lot of guilt over what had happened in Rose’s cell at Whitney’s compound, both coming from really crappy backgrounds, but one thing united them, they wanted to be the absolute best parents for their child.

I have to say that this one was a bit different in that it takes place in an urban setting instead of the country where most of the books have taken place, and having not read the previous book didn’t know the players of this GhostWalker team. Also it doesn’t take place over a short amount of time, but rather over months, and they way that Ms. Feehan wrote makes absolute sense at least to me.

In my opinion this is probably the best book in the series. You do have to have read at least the first couple of books to understand what is going, and most definitely Deadly Games as that is where this story starts.

Grade A

You can purchase the book here.

**In honor of me loving this book, I have a special surprise for one lucky commenter.



  1. Dolly Sickles

    I love the concept of this Ghostwalker series, though some titles are better than others. I’ll be really excited to read this one. I find Kane to be especially compelling …

  2. Heather-admin

    I feel the same way. This is probably my favorite book in the series.

  3. Jane

    I’m a fairly new fan of the Ghostwalker series. I only discovered Christine’s books last year.

  4. Heather-admin

    Jane, she is one of my favorite authors. There are very few books of her’s that I don’t like.


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