Ruthlessly bedded by the Italian Billionaire by Emma Darcy

Hiding from her past, Jenny Kent has been using the name Bella Rossini. This is the chance tycoon Dante Rossini has been waiting for…. Holding her innocent deception against her, Dante forces Jenny to return with him to Capri. If she’s pretending to be a Rossini, she’ll have a public role to play….
And then there’s the private arrangement Dante is ruthlessly demanding….

REVIEW: I love the Harlequin Presents books, and Emma Darcy is one of my favorite authors. I think one of the reasons I like these book so much is because most of my authors got their start at Harlequin in one of their series. I consider these books bathtub reads, and have a stack of them by my bathtub.

This was a quick and easy read. Dante was of course a force of nature as only a billionaire let a lone an Italian Billionaire can be. He sweeps in and takes over Jenny’s life.

This was read as part of the Winter 08 Reading Challenge: Read a Series (Harlequin, Shilouette)

I give this a 3.5 out of 5


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