Savage Chains by Caris Roane

cover55745-mediumTitle:  Savage Chains

Series:  Men In Chains Book #1.5

Author:  Caris Roane

Genre:  Romance, Paranormal

Blurb:   His name is Reyes. His mission is simple; his methods, extreme. He is hellbent on infiltrating–and destroying–a notorious sex-slave ring in the dangerous world of vampire clubs.


Her name is Angelica. Her beauty is incomparable; her body, for sale. She is the prize attraction in a human slave auction, and Reyes is prepared to pay any price to buy her–then free her.

Disguised as a slaver, Reyes strikes a devil’s bargain to purchase the one woman who has stolen his heart. Angelica feels an irresistible erotic connection to this gorgeous, powerful vampire–but can she trust a man who trafficks in human flesh, even if his hungry gaze ignites her darkest desires? Reyes wants to prove she is more than a slave to him–but can he break the savage chains of destiny that bind his love-scarred soul forever?

Thoughts:  I actually started this series by reading book #3, Unchained, which I really enjoyed (I rated it a A-/B+ and you can read the full review here: Review of Unchained) Based on that, as soon as I seen Savage Chains up on Netgalley I immediately requested it, and it did not disappoint! I enjoyed this title as well, though I was a little bothered by the fact that there was yet another scene where the vampire (in this case Reyes) who uses his vamp power to split himself into two ‘selves’ in order to engage in a ménage with the female character (in this case, Angelica). Whereas before I found it creative, this time it simply annoyed me. Are we going to use this little trick in every book in this series? Really?

However, in the case of Savage Chains, I felt like things were a bit more developed in regards to the characters and the story itself. Things were explained a bit more fully, I didn’t question the actions of the characters as much, and the storyline just seemed a bit more feasible overall. The story managed to be completely different from Unchained, yet with little touches of the Men In Chains world connecting it – and yet further still managing to hold touches of the author’s personal writing style within it – touches that makes it distinctly a Caris Roane novel.

Another enjoyable read from this author.

Rate:  A-/B+


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