Scandal of the Year

Scandal of the Year
by Laura Lee Guhrke
Abandoned at the Altar book 2
release date January 25, 2011
One tryst was all she wanted…

From their very first meeting,
Julia knew that Aidan Carr, the oh-so-proper Duke of Trathen, had a bit of the devil in him, a devil who secretly yearned for what he could not have, a devil who harbored a desire for her. So when she needed to be caught in a compromising situation, Aidan was the answer to her prayers.

One tryst just wasn’t enough…

Aidan is supposed to be looking for a bride, yet his scandalous liaison with Julia is all he can think about. Hot, erotic memories of kissing her skin, falling into her bed, pulling her naked body on top of his own continue to torment and tempt him. What is it about this brazen seductress that he finds so hard to resist? And how can he stop himself from falling into her bed a second time?

After reading Wedding of the Season I could not wait to get my hands on book 2 and was not disappointed!
We met both Aiden & Julia in the first book, Aiden was actually engaged to Beatrix and Julia is her cousin.  The relationship between Aiden and Julia was very volatile, she did whatever she could to irritate Aiden and he came off as this distant and very proper Duke.  We were so wrong and I love the fact that these two were the couple in this book.

The book starts out with Julia going through a divorce and the person who helped her get it is Aiden, but at a terrible cost to him and his new pending engagement, They both have become a scandal.

Several months later they run into each other again as they are both trying to get back into the Season.  Aiden needs to find himself a bride and Julia needs to find some income so they are once again thrown together only to finally admit their feelings that they have both been hiding from one another.

This book gives us the past story of Aiden & Julia and explains why they both act the way they do and why their lives took the turn they did.

I can’t wait for what Laura will give us next!

Grade A+


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