Score: A Stepbrother Sports Romance by Aubrey Irons

Score - Book  frongTitle:   Score: A Stepbrother Sports Romance

Author:   Aubrey Irons

Genre:   Sports Romance, New Adult & College



There’s a reason they call him “Ten,” and it’s not just the number of his jersey

Dalton Cole is a jock. A notorious, cocky, foul-mouthed, impossibly arrogant jock. measurement.

… I’m sure that last part is just a rumor. Did I mention he’s also an underwear model? He’s slept his way through half the woman in Georgia, and he’s got his pick of any girl on campus.

Not me. I’m the studious one, the one headed to med school – the girl with a plan. I am not into football or the neanderthals who play it, and I want nothing to do with that smug, cocky prick with the legendary record – or his infamous “package.” But it’s not up to me…

The University just hired my dad as the head football coach, and Dalton’s mother just said yes to marrying him. His star player? Dalton. College football’s biggest bad boy is looking to score, and I think I’m the goal…


Thoughts: First of all, immediately before reading Score, I read another very similar book. Football

QB standout meets Coaches daughter, forbidden love, etc. There were differences of course, but the biggest differences were how much more well-written Score is, how much more connected to the characters I felt and how with her writing I felt their love. It didn’t feel rushed, jumping from point A to point B. It felt comfortable and believable because of the story development.

So yes, Dalton “Ten” Cole is the most cocky, sure of himself jock, your eyes will ever have the pleasure of gazing upon. Actually, gazing sounds weak because one good look at this blue-eyed, underwear model hottie in the flesh will leave you panting and your girlie parts peaked and quivering. Dalton should earn royalties from Victoria’s Secret for all the panty dropping that commences at his feet. His starting QB status makes him King on campus and the King is ready to hold court.

Since Hailey Garrison’s dad Jim started seeing Georgia State’s Dean, Heather Cole, six months ago, Hailey has managed to avoid running into her son Dalton. Despite her father being a high school football coach, and now the head coach for Georgia State, Hailey has no interest in football and certainly not any oversexed, football jocks. She has her college career carefully planned out. She’ll reapply her spring term to Columbia University for pre-med and become a doctor one day.

Upon their first introduction, sparks fly. Ginger red-haired Hailey quickly despises this aggressive, dirty talking, arrogant jock who shamelessly teases her, pulls out all his best lines, and enjoys riling her up. From his perspective, she’s hiding behind that holier-than-thou attitude, librarian bun and nerdy glasses and damned if he doesn’t love a challenge!

Hailey’s cut off shorts are a hit with the team after they help her move into her dorm room. The bet is . . . carnal knowledge . . . no that’s a line from Top Gun. The bet is one grand “. . . to whoever taps that first.”



“Wow,” I shake my head at him. “You’re really in love with yourself, aren’t you?”

“Aww, c’mon, you know what I mean. I mean everyone knows me from t.v. or any of those magazines.”

He’s right, of course, but I decide right then and there that Dalton Cole does not need another person stroking his ego by telling him they’ve read about him in an article.

I shrug. “I really don’t follow football.”

“You mean you don’t really like football, and I guess that means players, too.”

“Okay, I don’t really like football so I don’t really follow it, understand?”

“Not at all,” he says with a grin. “You realize your dad is like, the Bill Parcells of high school football, right?” “Who?”

Dalton rolls his eyes. “I mean he’s a legend, which makes you hating on football sorta weird.”

I dip down a little more in the water, backing into the side of the pool. “It’s my dad’s thing. I’ve never really seen the appeal of a bunch of guys running into each other over a ball.”

Dalton shakes his head. “Glory, baby.”

I raise a brow. “Huh?”

“It’s not the ball, its glory.”

I snort. “You make it sound so poetic.”

“Well, glory and pussy I guess.”

I wrinkle my nose and he laughs. “Little less poetic now?”

“Much; thanks for that.”

He grins. “C’mon.”

“What?” “You said it yourself, we should be partying and getting drunk.”

I shake my head. “‘You’, I said ‘you’ should be getting drunk.”

He grins at me. “Yeah well if I do it alone it’s a problem, so get out here.”

Dalton doesn’t wait for an answer before he moves to the edge of the pool and effortlessly pulls himself from the water.

And my jaw drops.

He’s not just shirtless, he’s practically naked, wearing just a pair of those damn white boxer briefs. The same ones, I’m mortified to admit even to myself , that I recognize as the ones from that famous advertisement.

Dalton turns , and if I was blushing before, my face goes downright crimson as my eyes drop to the very sizable, very visible bulge between his legs.

I quickly look away. No way, that wasn’t-


I jerk my head up, and my eyes go wide as I realize he’s now got his hand down the front of his briefs.

I quickly look away. “God, are you… playing with yourself?”

Dalton cracks up. “Oh, yeah, I always just start jerking it in front of girls, that’s sort of my move.”

“Wouldn’t exactly be out of character.”

He snorts a laugh. “Relax, I’m just warming it back up. That water’s fuckin’ cold.”

I make a face, wrinkling my nose. “You are so gross.”

“Hey, don’t tell me you haven’t heard the rumors.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I say primly, forcing myself to think of literally anything in the world besides his… bulge.

Dalton chuckles again. “ Sure, darlin. Anyways, I’m decent now.”

I look up and shriek as I realize he’s bent over and mooning me.

“Damnit, Dalton!”


With the stakes raised and sparks flying it surely won’t be too long before someone strikes a match and sets those sheets on FIRE!

I’ll be 1-clicking more of Aubrey Irons books. She’s impressed me with this book and since it was a standalone, I got my HEA, which always leaves me happy.

Grade: A



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