Second Chance At Paris by Cole McCade

91So1J17o9L._SL1500_Title:  Second Chance At Paris

Series:  Bayou’s End Book #1

Author:  Cole McCade

Genre:  Romance

Blurb:   One week in Paris. One chance with her childhood crush. And one lie that could ruin it all.

Before she was Dr. Celeste London, Astrophysicist, she was Mary Celeste Haverford: dork, loser, the geek formerly known as Hairy Mary. But she’d left all that behind–and left Ion Blackwell behind, nothing but an unrequited crush and the memory of a high school field trip, a night in Paris, and the words Celeste never had the courage to say. She’d never expected to see him again…until a surprise encounter on a Parisian riverboat tour brings him back into her life, and gives her the opportunity to start over as someone new. Someone Ion doesn’t recognize, transformed from a social outcast into a polished, professional woman that Ion doesn’t realize is the girl he’s been longing for since childhood, the ideal he’s dreamed of his entire life.

Suddenly this vivacious (if charmingly awkward) “new” woman is teaching him that real love is better than any dream–but Celeste is hiding more than her identity. Hiding something that makes it hard to trust her increasingly erratic behavior, and her frequent secretive phone calls. When the truth comes out, the deception could shatter them both…unless they can give each other a second chance, and take a risk on love.

Thoughts:  The title here says it all really….the book is all about second chances. From the beginning, we meet Celeste and already admire her for her dedication to her father who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. We already get the past connection between her and Ion – as well as her crush on him. It takes a bit longer before we realize the impact that she had on Ion in the past. They are both hiding things from each other …unnecessary secrets that could bring them closer…..or rip them further apart…..

All in all a very sweet, second chance at love tale. Parts of it were a bit unrealistic for me, while other were heart-wrenchingly the opposite….a solid B for me.

Rate:  B


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