Second Chance Christmas by Tanya Michaels

cover35931-smallTitle:  Second Chance Christmas

Series:  Colorado Cades Series Book #2

Author:  Tanya Michaels

Genre:  Romance

BlurbA Christmas To Remember… Ski-lodge manager Elisabeth is the quiet Donnelly twin—sedate, mature, responsible. It wasn’t like her to fall in love with ski patroller Justin Cade, famous for his killer smile, blue eyes and way with women. But it was just like him to dump her when things began to get serious. Now he’s suddenly back in her life, and the timing couldn’t be worse. Elisabeth has plans to marry a successful businessman, and with Christmas around the corner, she wants to make the holidays special for her adopted young goddaughter. Falling for Justin all over again would definitely not be the sensible thing to do. But maybe, for once in her life, Elisabeth should follow her heart instead of her head.

Thoughts:  While it’s already into the New Year, I had to finish this last Christmas book before close the door on my Christmas books until next season.  This one seemed like a great ‘love recaptured’ type of book, although the couple in this one hasn’t really been separated for that long.  I liked the premise behind it, and I think most people looking for a good holiday story will like it.  It is a good story, but there were a few things that just made it a little less great for me.

I really liked Elisabeth’s character – however, I think she was too smart to just drop out the ‘I love you’ words to a playboy who already made it clear he wasn’t looking for something permanent.  I thought she should have went a bit slower in regards to their relationship – and not scare him off in the complete opposite direction!  Especially since she knew all about the events in his past that caused him to have these types of feelings about relationships.

Her relationship with her fiancée was equally frustrating.  Their relationship just fell apart far too easily in my opinion, making it far too obvious that his sole purpose in the story was to bring the feelings of the main characters to a head and little else.  And for me, the constant back and forth of the characters in regards to having a relationship or not just became tiring.

Not really what I was looking for as a heartwarming tale about rekindled love, but it did have a sweet family story to it.  I could have used a little more depth and emotion, but overall, a good Christmas read.

 Rate:  B-


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    Sounds like a good read.


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