Series Saturday – Club 3 series by Cathryn Cade

Last year I stumbled on this amazing new series by Cathryn Cade.  While it is an erotica series with a bit of BDSM thrown in, it manages to have a soft and romantic side to it as well.  One of my personal favorites!

81MD8VGCzpL._SL1500_Book #1 – She’s All In

When Daisy joins Big Iron Fitness, it’s to get fit and more comfortable in her skin. But what really makes her sweat is gym owner Dack Humboldt. Watching him pump iron sets off an endorphin rush that has nothing to do with exercise.  Dack isn’t looking for love, and doesn’t usually waste time on vanilla even when it’s packaged in a bombshell blonde. Until he hears Daisy’s been asking questions about the goings-on at his private sex club. He’ll be happy to show her the ropes…on his terms.  Daisy gathers the moxie to ask Dack out on a date, and gets an offer she can’t refuse. The chance to explore some of her most private fantasies and move beyond her fears about her body.  As Dack leads Daisy by the thong into the Dom/sub world, she feels as if she’s finally in her element…until Dack issues a command that brings her up hard against her last emotional barrier. And Dack must decide how far he’ll go to bring his bombshell back into his arms.

Warning: Body builders showing off their physiques, blondes looking to have more fun, and members of a private club sharing more than conversation.

819B2X6DPiL._SL1500_Book #2 – She’s All Tied Up

Carlie Milton is finally out from under her judgmental mother’s thumb. She has a great job, great friends, a loving father and brother… but her love life is a series of disasters.  When she’s rescued from her latest dating debacle by bodybuilder Jake Stone, she can’t resist his invitation to his BDSM club. The results are orgasmic, and Carlie comes back for more…until the night she goes all in. And Jake’s reaction, driven by a ghost from his past, drives her back into her shell.  An ex-Marine, Jake believes self-discipline and control are the only things holding his life together. Until Carlie. Her lush body, tender vulnerability and unquestioning trust shake him to the core, jarring loose the tight lid he keeps on his demons—at the worst possible time.  Now, to help her find the courage to try again, he’s going to have to do something he’s never done before. Make peace with his past…and convince himself that leading with his heart doesn’t have to end in pain.

Warning: Contains a hard-nosed ex-Marine with a soft heart and a way with knots, and a plucky heroine who isn’t afraid to let him learn to navigate her curves.

91EnLb7ERSL._SL1500_Book #3 – She’s All That

Determined to overcome the lingering self doubts her cheating ex left behind, Sara James scrapes up the courage to join Club 3—where her instant, powerful attraction to Trace Bowen, the head Dom, sends her running in the wrong direction.  From the moment he rescues Sara from the clutches of a coked-up Dom, Trace is enthralled. She’s beautiful, brave, and poised on the edge of blossoming into the sub of his dreams. In the initial rush of enchantment, though, he omits a minor detail that causes a major problem.  Back in college, Trace was Kai Kalo-Haimani’s first love—until Kai’s straight-laced family demanded he walk the line. Now Kai is back, heart in his hands, to ask for another chance. Even if it means accepting Sara as part of the package.  Despite her attraction to both men, Sara’s old demons come roaring back, threatening to push her back inside her shell of insecurity. Unless Trace and Kai can convince her that not only is she enough for one man, she’s more than enough for two.

Warning: A submissive, a Dom, and a switch looking for love in as many positions as they can dream up, and a club full of kinky friends cheering them on.


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  1. Jeananna

    Sounds like a yummy series! Added to the TBR list and downloaded the sample from Amazon!


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