Series Saturday – ‘For The Roses’ series by Julie Garwood

This week’s featured series is ‘For The Roses’ by Julie Garwood.   A New York Times Bestselling author, Garwood is known for her surprising plot twists, appealing characters, and quirky female leads.  But most readers praise her for her ability to wring a gauntlet of emotions out of her readers – everything from laughter to tears.  She’s a favorite author in the fiction genre, and she’s not afraid to tackle the hard issues in life within her stories.  But underlying it all, is a deep family connection between characters, and a loyalty that runs deep.  Known for her historical works, the ‘Roses’ series features a blend of both historical and western, with stories taking place in mid-19th century Montana.  They tell the tale of the lives – and loves – of the Clayborne family, and bring together for us a heartwarming series that you won’t want to miss out on!


The Clayborne brothers were a rough gang of street urchins — until they found an abandoned baby girl in a New York City alley, named her Mary Rose, and headed to Blue Belle, Montana, to raise her to be a lady. They became a family — held together by loyalty and love if not blood — when suddenly a stranger threatened to tear them apart…

Lord Harrison Stanford MacDonald brandished a six-shooter and a swagger, but he soon proved to be a gentleman to the core. The brothers taught him frontier survival, while Mary Rose touched his heart with a deep and desperate passion. But soon, a shattering secret would challenge everything Mary Rose believed about herself, her life, and her newfound love.


Travis Clayborne may be the youngest of the Clayborne brothers, but he’s most definitely his own man. Unless it means saying no to his beloved Mama Rose. And that’s why Travis is escorting young Bostonian Emily Finnegan to Golden Crest, Montana — where she’ll discover what awaits her as a mail-order bride. Emily has made it perfectly clear that she’s taken charge of her destiny and nothing is going to interfere. Falling in love with the perfect stranger isn’t part of her plan, but the journey with Travis across this beautiful, rugged land opens her eyes… and her heart. Perhaps her destiny isn’t exactly as she imagined.


Douglas Clayborne will never turn his back on anyone in need, and everyone in Blue Belle knows it. Time and again, his intolerance of cruelty of any kind has made him a champion of the defenseless … but his quiet strength faces its ultimate battle when he meets Isabel Grant. He arrives at her ranch to pick up the magnificent Arabian stallion he’s purchased, but he cannot leave the vulnerable woman behind when he discovers the danger that threatens her. Convincing the stubborn, strong-willed beauty that she needs him is another matter. Douglas can stop the men from stealing her ranch and her horses, but he cannot stop Isabel Grant from stealing his heart.


Adam Clayborne has always put great stock in the power of books. As an escaped slave — and a wanted man — reading has been his only ticket to the wonders of distant lands. Adam is content with his life as a confirmed bachelor, which is why his Mama Rose has summoned the irresistible Genevieve Delacroix to Montana. Also a former slave, Genevieve shares his dream of seeing the world, but she arrives to find Adam unfailingly polite…and just as distant. Undaunted, Genevieve determines to teach Adam what he’ll never learn from a book — that true freedom only comes when you open your heart.

*Books Two, Three, & Four are also available as a 3-n-1  novel entitled The Clayborn Brides*


Adam, Douglas and Travis Clayborne are each happily married, and their beloved Mama Rose is overjoyed with the wonderful ladies who have joined the family. But all the Claybornes wonder on which side of the law their restless brother Cole will land. Now, Julie Garwood brings her irresistible mix of heartwarming wit and thrilling sensuality to a memorable Clayborne reunion…and at last we meet the elusive stranger who has slipped in and out of their lives, a man who lured Cole Clayborne into a shadowy chase, and who will now bring unexpected turns to Cole’s uncertain future.

Daniel Ryan is a hard man set on vengeance, a U.S. marshal driven by tragic, heartbreaking loss from the past. His quest leads him to a beautiful young woman, the sole witness to a terrible crime — and the only person who can help him. But the lawman finds that love is perhaps the greatest risk of all as he unwittingly draws her into the line of fire. The power and drama of their blossoming passion, entwined with the spirited adventures of the Claybornes and the surprising choices of the wayward Cole, make Come the Spring as poignant as it is unforgettable.



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    Julie Garwood is the best! Her historical novels are all marvelous. It’s been a while since I last read the For the roses series. It means I have to re-read them now 🙂


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