Series Saturday – Ladies’ Amateur Sleuth Society Series by Robyn DeHart

If your looking for a little historical mixed with a little mystery then look no further – this series may be exactly what your looking for!  Check out this amazing series by award winning author Robyn DeHart…

a-study-in-scandal-lgBook #1 – A Study In Scandal

Lady Amelia Watersfield’s light-hearted detecting club becomes more than simply an intriguing diversion when her father’s priceless Egyptian artifact is stolen under her very nose. Now the game is afoot in earnest – and Amelia nearly swoons to discover the detective assigned to “assist” her is a handsome, brilliant, and breathtaking investigator who might as well be a young Sherlock Holmes himself!

Inspector Colin Brindley has no interest in encouraging a meddling beauty who imagines herself Watson to his Holmes. But Amelia is as sharp-witted and brave as she is lovely – and in their wild hunt for an elusive thief, Colin’s heart may end up being the precious object that’s gotten truly purloined.

deliciously-wicked-lgBook #2 – Deliciously Wicked

When wildly independent Meg Piddington finds herself locked in her father’s chocolate factory after hours with a most disarmingly attractive gentleman, she doesn’t realize that she is his alibi-proof that Gareth Mandeville did not commit a dastardly crime. But admitting as much would destroy her reputation, which gallant Gareth refuses to do. Besides, he believes even prison would be preferable to marriage, which is what their revelation would certainly demand!

At last, here’s the perfect opportunity for Meg to doff her sleuthing hat to get to the root of the secretive stranger’s troubles! Besides, the man sends oh-so-pleasant shivers coursing through her body. And though heaven may well await in Gareth’s embrace, danger may dwell there also … if the determined lady embarks on a grand mission to win his love.

tempted-at-every-turn-lgBook #3 – Tempted At Every Turn

Proper, sensible Willow Mabson will do anything to protect her family. So when Willow finds out that James Sterling – a dashing, arrogant aristocrat working for Scotland Yard – suspects her mother in a recent murder, Willow will do whatever’s necessary … even solve the case herself! Of course, this will bring her into a most uncomfortable proximity with the very tantalizing Mister Sterling. And try as she might she finds resisting him her most difficult challenge.

James has always preferred gritty crime scenes to elegant balls. And he can immediately deduce that straight-laced, whip-smart – and exceedingly delectable – Willow isn’t your average vapid, shallow socialite. He longs to help release her carefully restrained sensuality and rid her of the belief that losing control can destroy her. But James doesn’t count on losing his own heart in the process.






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