Series Saturday: Lost City Shifter series by Eleri Stone

series saturdayThis week, we are featuring a fantasy paranormal series that is one of the more interesting ones I have come across.  I discovered author Eleri Stone with this series, and since then – no matter what she releases – I grab it!  I really hope to see more from this series, and I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did!

Forgotten by the humans whose ancestors once worshipped them as gods, a tribe of jaguar shifters has survived in the Amazon rainforest for centuries. The Lost City is their hidden sanctuary and few wander far from the safety of the forest. As the human world begins to encroach upon their territory, there’s a growing schism between the Yaguara desperately holding to the old traditions and those who wish to forge a new path. Open war could mean their extinction. But for the Yaguara, who regard strength as the only virtue and love as a potentially lethal affliction, peace doesn’t come easy.

ES_Mercy-189x300Book #1 – MERCY

To the Yaguara, an ancient jaguar shape-shifting people living deep in the Amazon jungle, nothing matters more than strength. Iada is their champion; genetically pure, she has been trained since birth to fight. Her destiny is to become the next Queen of the Yaguara by winning the tournament of succession—a battle to the death.  Her opponent is Gabriel, a half-blooded outcast whose mother was human. To everyone’s shock, he defeats Iada but does not strike the death blow—instead, he extends mercy, thereby claiming her as his mate.  Despite their enmity, the attraction between them is powerful, and soon they are mates in more than name only. Their mutual distrust serves only to fuel their passion—two champions bested only by their overpowering desire for each other.  But Gabriel has an agenda that threatens the most basic tenets of Yaguara society—and that will force Iada to choose between her people or her King.

ES_Redemption-189x300Book #2 – REDEMPTION

Blamed for a heinous crime and banished from his tribe of Jaguar shifters, Adriano will do anything to buy back his rightful place—even steal a priceless artifact. First, he’ll have to seduce Sophie Martin, an archaeologist researching the temple ruins and the one person who stands in his way.  Sophie wants to uncover the artifact as well—not to sell it, but to study it. It could unlock all the secrets of an ancient and mysterious civilization. But it’s hard to focus on her work when the distractingly sexy Adriano is nearby.  What begins as a seduction quickly turns into mutual passion as Adriano’s touch awakens a side of Sophie she’d kept hidden—and arouses his Jaguar instincts. To preserve his people’s secret and earn his redemption, Adriano needs the artifact. But when a rival thief kidnaps Sophie, Adriano will be forced to choose—between the people who rejected him in the past, or the woman who could be his future…

ES_Rebellion-647x1024Book #3 – REBELLION

Cole Brandt is a wolf shifter, sent by his pack to the Amazon jungle to negotiate a treaty. He’s unaware that the kingdom of jaguar shifters he’s meant to meet with has split—and Cole’s suspicion that jaguars are selfish and deceitful is confirmed when he’s seized by the rebel faction.  Taya Silveira, a jaguar shifter and fierce warrior loyal to the king, resents being assigned Cole’s rescue. She doesn’t approve of his pack’s involvement in her jungle—to her, wolves are greedy, weak creatures who will exploit the resources the Yaguara protect.  Struggling against centuries of ill will and prejudice, Cole and Taya must work together to prevent a devastating civil war. They can’t deny their physical attraction—with the heightened senses of shifters, their desires are plain. But if they give in to passion, they may be forced to choose between staying with their tribes, or staying together.



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