Series Saturday: Romney Marsh by Kasey Michaels

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My first love in romance is historical’s, so I’m very picky about the ones I rave about. When this series first came out I was intrigued by the concept. And with each new book in the series I was more and more in love with this family. 

a gentleman by any other nameBook 1 A Gentleman by Any Other Name

Old enough to remember his beginning, Chance Becket has spent all of his thirty years trying to forget, hiding his unsavory youth behind a society marriage and a prestigious position with the War Office. But now the widower must confront his past and return to the windswept coast of Romney Marsh . . . where the ghosts of his childhood still linger.

Newly hired governess Julia Carruthers is delighted to be in charge of Chance’s young daughter and eager to escape the confines of London. Yet the excitement of the journey to her employer’s strange home is nothing compared to the attraction between them. And when Julia sees something she should not, she wonders if Chance’s sudden intentions are prompted by ungentlemanly desires or his need to protect his family’s secrets.

the dangerous debutanteBook 2 The Dangerous Debutante

In this second title in the Romney Marsh trilogy, Morgan Becket doesn’t have a clue what makes a lady, which explains why the scandalous debutante is sent to London for her first Season- in hopes of finding a gentleman whocan finally tame her wild ways. Instead she meets Ethan Tanner, Earl of Aylesford, who is equally wild and unprincipled and surely a match made in heaven.. or perhaps not? For when Morgan discovers Ethan’s reasons for making her his wife, he’d best beware- for a debutante deceived is dangerous indeed

beware of virtuous womenBook 3 Beware of Virtuous Women

The perfect daughter…secrets within secrets, lies within lies.

Adopted daughter Eleanor Becket is dedicated to her family and its welfare. She is also a commendable commander, and a keeper of secrets, most especially her own. Who would ever expect this fragile beauty, with her quiet ways and her unfortunate limp, to be capable of anything more than her accomplishments at embroidery and her mastery of musical instruments?

Only Jack Eastwood feels the need to look more deeply at this self-proclaimed spinster, and what he sees–and the long-ago crime he suspects–lead both Jack and Eleanor to the very edge of desire and danger. As the Beckets feel the outside world looking ever more closely at the nocturnal activities taking place in Romney Marsh, as the Black Ghost rides yet again, Eleanor Becket is forced to risk her family, her chance at love, even her life, in one desperate gamble.

a most unsuitable groomBook 4 A Most Unsuitable Groom


Hot-blooded Spencer Becket went off to war in America, full of passion and young ideals, only to return older, wiser and with part of his memory missing.


Fiery Mariah Rutledge arrived at Becket Hall one stormy night, heavy with child and more than willing to refresh Spencer’s lost memory.


Forced to the altar, Spencer and Mariah have little time to explore their attraction before they uncover a plot to restore the recently vanquished Napoleon to power in a most unusual-and deadly-way. Bound by the secrets that keep the Beckets safe from harm, Spencer and Mariah must battle the world and their own devils in order to prevent a tragedy … but what will be the price of their victory?

a reckless beautyBook 5 A Reckless Beauty

Fanny Becket has adored her adopted brother since the day they both lost their parents and became part of the Becket family. Where he goes, she has always followed. But pursuing him into battle, Fanny quickly finds herself in the line of fire and quite unexpectedly—in the embrace of a handsome stranger.

Valentine Clement, Earl of Brede, has seen enough of fighting to know there is no adventure to be found at Waterloo. Yet the moment he spies Fanny he is duty bound to save the reckless beauty, most especially from herself. Although with a woman such as Fanny, it may very well be his lordship who is in need of true protection.

the return of the prodigalBook 6 The Return of Prodigal


Being left in the care of the lovely Lisette, who tended to his every need, helped him forget the horrors of war. Though she played her part well, Rian’s Becket intuition led him to believe there was more to the young woman than met the eye.

Could she possibly be part of a conspiracy to destroy Rian and his friends — or even the entire Becket clan? And if she was aligned with the enemy, how would he ever bring himself to stop her, when she was beginning to mean more to him than life itself?

becket's last standBook 7 Becket’s Last Stand

For years Courtland Becket had denied himself the only woman who stirred his blood, yet he could no longer pretend to ignore the lovely Cassandra. For gone was the girl he had once teased—replaced by a fully grown woman, adamant that they act on their long-denied feelings. It was time for the self-appointed protector of all things Becket to allow himself a taste of the forbidden.

But passion’s price might very well prove too high when an age-old enemy returns to wreak revenge against the entire Becket clan, leaving Courtland torn between his newfound love…and his duty to the family that means more to him than life itself



  1. patoct

    Historicals are not usually my thing but am always interested in hearing about a new author.

  2. marcy shuler

    I’ve read a few from this series, but nowhere near all of them. I like her writing.

  3. Gmapeony

    I have not read this author.


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