Series Saturday: Shifter Shield by Margo Collins

BOOK #1 – Under Her Skin

Lindi Parker works hard at being human, not an easy task for a weresnake. She has no desire to search for others like her—until a new case changes everything. When Lindi learns that she’s not the only shapeshifter in the world, she realizes she might be next on a killer’s list.

In order to save herself and the abused children she works with, she will have to team up with Dr. Kade Nevala, a member of the shifter tribe responsible for eradicating weresnakes—and the most attractive man Lindi’s ever met. Even more terrifying, she’ll need to embrace her serpent side, a choice that has enormous consequences for Lindi, and for everyone around her.

BOOK #1.5 – A Generation of Vipers

Capturing the killer who was stalking the shapeshifter community should have earned weresnake Lindi Parker and her new boyfriend, mongoose-shifter Kade Nevala, a vacation. Instead it earned them a basket of baby lamias and a whole heap of trouble. Someone in the shifter community doesn’t want those infants—or Lindi—to survive. Not knowing who or what they can trust, Kade and Lindi must use every skill they have to stop a killer—again.

BOOK #1.75 – Laugh Out Love

Track the demons of the night and do whatever it takes to kill them.
As the eldest daughter of the Glass family, Shadow has always known that was her destiny.
Then an encounter with one man changes everything. If Jeremiah Diphiri—a hyena shapeshifter and the sexiest man Shadow has ever been with—isn’t really a fiend, then everything she believes might be wrong.

Whatever you do, don’t fall in love with your prey.
The more time Shadow spends with Jeremiah, the more she’s beginning to think that maybe she is the most terrifying thing hiding—and hunting—in the dark.

BOOK #2 – More Than Skin Deep

Shifting’s only skin deep. Terror goes to the bone.

Having eliminated the shifter community’s stalker and agreed to care for a pile of new baby lamias, child counselor and weresnake Lindi Parker believes she’ll be able to settle into her newly domestic life with her mongoose-shifter boyfriend, Kade Nevala.

But she didn’t count on being on duty at her new job as a Shifter Shield when a hyena-shifter shows up requesting asylum—along with his girlfriend. She’s a Hunter from a hereditary clan of monster trackers, and a semi-mythical figure of dread among shifters. Worse, they have an entire werewolf pack after them, howling for their blood.

And now they’re coming for Lindi, too.

BOOK #3 – Saving Her Skin (coming July 6!)

Now she has a pack of her own…

Weresnake Lindi Parker may have won the most recent battle to maintain her place in shifter society, but the war is far from over.

A faction of shifters led by one particular werewolf pack is determined to take her down any way they can. If her opponents can’t kill her through deception, they’ll destroy her through politics. But Lindi’s been gathering allies, and she’s learning they will defend her tooth and claw.

Besides, she’s got a few weapons her enemies will never expect.


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