Series Saturday – Sunshine Girls by Kasey Michaels

Who can help but love Kasey Michaels – with titles in historical romance, contemporary, and a little of everything in between, she has a little something for every reader!  But this week we are featuring her Sunshine Girls series – three mischievous sisters out to clear their father’s name … and maybe get a little romance on the side.

2253480Book #1 – Dial M for Mischief

Hollywood darling Jolie Sunshine is accustomed to trashy headlines. But the shocking gossip surrounding her father’s sudden demise has sent her over the edge; right into the arms of millionaire Sam Becket.
Jolie and Sam once shared much more than a bed, till fame ended their escalating relationship. Now that very limelight is bringing them back together. With a murder to solve and a white-hot passion to quench, they’re really about to give the paparazzi a field day.

4343317Book #2 – Mischief Becomes Her

Jessica Sunshine–bright, warm and downright deadly if one got too close. That’s the lesson homicide detective Matt Denby learned the hard way when he teamed up with the youngest Sunshine sister. Sure, he wanted to help solve her father’s murder. But being on the case–day and night–with the sultry TV reporter was driving him up the wall…in more ways than one. Jessica steamed through life and into danger without regard. And Matt was hell-bent on protecting the vixen. But who was going to back him up once the blond bombshell turned her charms on him?

5980744Book #3 – Mischief 24/7

Jade Sunshine isn’t one to back down from a challenge. That feisty spirit is what made billionaire business-whiz Courtland Becket fall in love with the sexy detective. It’s also what led to their divorce. Now, with the murder of Jade’s father, the exes are working together to catch a killer, though the chemistry still crackling between them makes it almost impossible to focus.Jade is still as fearless as ever, and Court will move heaven and earth to protect her. And he just may have to. A lot can happen in twenty-four hours. They could be swept away on a wave of rekindled passion. Or end up the next check mark on a desperate killer’s “to do” list.


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