Series Saturday: Treats to Tempt You by Serenity Woods

It’s that spooky time of the year, with witches, ghosts, and warlocks – oh, my!  So, let’s start with some treats of our own – book style!

BOOK #1 – Treat With Caution

An enemies-to-lovers romance with heat and heart.

Tasha Wilde has spotted the perfect site for the Treats to Tempt You confectionery shop she’s planning to run with her best friend, Maisey. It’s the ideal size and location, right on the waterfront in Doubtless Bay, New Zealand. The only fly in the melted chocolate is Maisey’s brother, Kole. He wants the shop for his photography business, and he’s about to sign the lease.

Tasha and Kole Graham have trod the wafer-thin line between friends and enemies since they were teenagers. Privately, she acknowledges Kole has grown up into a fine figure of a man. Okay, to be honest, he’s so sexy he often dismantles the speech center of her brain. But he’s still the most irritating guy on Earth.

Kole tries to think of Tasha as just his sister’s best friend, but it’s getting harder and harder. Literally. And he’s having trouble hiding it. So when their friends suggest a bet with the shop as the prize, and it means he can get his hands on Tasha, he’s quick to agree. The Shakespearean-style scheme? To get the other person to fall in love with them. In eight days.

Both are confident their attraction is only physical. Both are going to get into trouble. But who will win the bet on Midsummer night?

Warning: Sultry and steamy, with rising temperatures. And the sub-tropical weather’s pretty hot too. Adults only.

BOOK #2 – Treat Her Right

A friends-to-lovers fun and sexy romance. Maisey Graham’s desperate to devise a new advertising campaign for her confectionery shop, Treats to Tempt You. The youngest of her group of friends, she’s determined to prove she’s not as ditzy and inept as they all seem to think she is. After witnessing her brother’s gorgeous best mate, local GP Joss Heaven, working out at the gym, Maisey has an idea: photographs of sexy guys eating chocolate truffles.

Joss isn’t keen on taking part. He has far too much on his plate with his demanding job and family problems. And the thought of everyone in town staring at pictures of his chocolate-covered crown jewels doesn’t appeal either. Plus, her brother has threatened to kill him if he so much as kisses Maisey. But the crackpot chocolatier is surprisingly persuasive.

Maisey does her best to resist the best-looking guy in the whole of New Zealand. But when the chocolate starts to melt on Joss’s warm body, it seems only polite to offer to lick it off… And that’s where the problems start.

Warning: contains enough laughter and loving to keep you up all night. Chocoholics beware—this story will make you want to lick melted chocolate off the nearest good looking guy.

BOOK #3 – A Rare Treat

A poignant yet sexy romance about learning to live and love again after grief.

Elle Baker’s had enough of men telling her how to live her life. She loves her job at Treats to Tempt You, a chocolate, coffee, and ice cream shop in Doubtless Bay, New Zealand. But repeated issues with her overbearing father and arrogant ex have persuaded her it’s time for a fresh start, and she’s planning to move away to Wellington at the end of the month.

When Stuart Casey’s childhood sweetheart lay dying, she made him swear to her that he’d never love another girl as long as he lived. So far, he’s kept his promise, even though he knows it was unfair of her to make such a demand. He’s only twenty-eight, and their marriage was hardly physical at the best of times. But how do you get back in the saddle when you’ve never even been on a horse? Stuart craves the happiness and affection he sees in his friends’ relationships, but he’s beginning to think he’s destined to be single and lonely.

Then Elle makes him a surprise proposal. A long weekend away in a beach house with her—and she’s not expecting him to sleep on the couch. She says she wants to help him find his feet before he launches back into the world of dating. Desire fights with guilt, and desire wins.

Elle’s offer isn’t completely altruistic—she fancies Stuart rotten, and is more than happy to spend a few days showing the gorgeous English teacher a few tricks of the trade to help him move on. But once she’s let the tiger out of his cage, it proves impossible to get him back in. And the new and improved Stuart isn’t going to let her go without a fight.

Warning: an virgin hero learns a few tricks of the trade in this sexy romance. Also packs an emotional punch. Keep the tissues handy. Adults only.

BOOK #4 – Trick or Treat

A fun and sexy “marriage of convenience” romance.

Fox Wilde loves working at Aqua Blue, his seafood restaurant in Doubtless Bay, New Zealand. But when he lands an interview for head chef at the famous Rutland’s Restaurant in Auckland, the opportunity to work at the exclusive hotel is too good to turn down.

At the interview, the head of the family-run firm makes his old-fashioned standards very clear. Put on the spot, Fox mistakenly invents a fiancée, and then compounds the problem by giving the name of his sexy but volatile friend, Caitlin. Now, Fox has to work out how to convince Caitlin to go along with the ruse and come with him to meet the Rutlands on Halloween.

The last thing on Caitlin Baker’s mind is a long term relationship. After years of putting up with a strict father and a jealous, possessive ex, she’s desperate for some freedom and independence. So when the impertinent Fox announces their sudden engagement, she’s tempted to tell him to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.

But Caitlin has a secret. She’s had a thing for Fox since the first time she met him, ten years ago, at another Halloween costume party. Fox doesn’t remember her, luckily, as her father ended their steamy clinch with a thermonuclear meltdown from which Fox barely escaped with his life. She feels she owes him. But that entails pretending they’re a couple, which means sharing a room. And that’s never going to end well.

Warning: Contains fireworks. Read with caution—preferably while wearing safety goggles. Adults only.

BOOK #5 – A Festive Treat

A poignant yet sexy romance.

Skye Graham has come home for Christmas to Doubtless Bay in New Zealand after a five-year absence following the death of her brother. It’s good to be back, but she has no plans to stay.

Then she meets sexy Owen Hall. A dog handler for Search and Rescue, he’s setting up a new branch in the Far North. Owen became an expert on finding lost people after his little sister disappeared in a forest and died when he was young, but he’s not sure even he can help the beautiful but haunted Skye.

A quick fling soon develops into something more serious, and another missing child brings them closer together. But can Owen convince Skye to stay?

Warning: Mozart the chocolate Lab steals the story. Oh, and it’s not only the weather that’s hot and sultry. Adults only.

BOOK #5.5 – No Way To Treat A Lady

Hayley’s not brave enough to expose her stretch marks to a complete stranger. Then she meets Jed Williams…
This sexy short novella is meant to be a “taster” for the Treats to Tempt You series of contemporary romances set in the sub-tropical Northland of New Zealand. Adults only.
Single, over thirty, and with four kids under ten, Hayley’s convinced she won’t be having sex for the next twenty years. Her sister-in-law suggests she have a one night stand, but Hayley’s not brave enough to expose her stretch marks to a complete stranger. Then she meets Jed Williams.
After his divorce, Jed’s not actively looking for another relationship, but when Hayley offers a night of hot sex, he’s more than happy to oblige. Their passion grows along with the stormy weather, but when morning breaks, will either of them be brave enough to ask for more?

Warning: it’s not only the weather that’s hot and sultry. Adults only!

BOOK #6 – A Secret Between Friends

Carrying out the goals on someone else’s Bucket List might seem like an odd thing to do, but for Genie it’s the perfect way to honor her best friend, Ciara, who died in the bomb blast that blew up the Army truck carrying them both across Afghanistan. Genie’s come home to the Bay of Islands in New Zealand to rest her injured knee, and she hopes that by fulfilling Ciara’s list of wishes she can also heal the grief and guilt that goes deeper than her physical wound. Spending some time with Ciara’s gorgeous big brother just happens to be an added bonus.

Niall Brennan has always been attracted to Genie, but when he offers to join in with the Bucket List idea, he tells himself it’s purely out of a desire to pay homage to his sister. That’s fine when the first goal they pick at random is taking cooking lessons. It becomes less easy to hide his desire when they spend an afternoon on a nudist beach, and by the time they take part in the body painting event, Niall has no chance of keeping his desire a secret. Luckily, Genie reciprocates his feelings—a hundred and ten percent, and soon it’s not only the weather that turns hot and sultry.

Conscious that Niall’s mother, Sinead, blames Genie for her daughter’s death, they decide to keep their sizzling but brief fling just a secret between friends. But although Genie’s knee is on the mend, her emotional wounds refuse to heal. Sinead continues to refuse to forgive her, and even Ciara reaches out from beyond the grave to warn Genie against dating her big brother.

The final wish on Ciara’s Bucket List brings everything to a head. Genie knows she has to end the fling. But the heart wants what the heart wants, and besides, Niall has other ideas…

Warning: this sweet and sexy romance is best read with a fan on standby. Adults only.

BOOK #6.5 – A Taste of Things to Come

Love, honor, and obey. Tasha’s made a vow to do the first two, but the third doesn’t come quite so easily…
Kole’s away in Fiji on a photo shoot, and Tasha’s home alone. She’s worried he’s tempted by the models in skimpy bikinis. Kole’s determined to convince her that now they’re married he doesn’t need anyone else. He suggests they indulge in some Skype sex, but Tasha’s nervous about performing. Can she overcome her insecurities enough to do as she’s told?
This Taster sexy novella features the couple from Treat with Caution (Treats to Tempt You #1), as well as the friends from the other books in the series. In the Treats timeline, this novella comes after Book 5. However, it’s a fun and sexy complete story that you can enjoy even if you haven’t read the other Treats books.
Warning: It’s extremely hot and sultry. And so is the weather. Adults only.

BOOK #7 – An Ocean Between Us

An “opposites attract” sexy romance.

Lady Hermione Spencer is scouting out the Bay of Islands for suitable sites to recommend for her romantic retreats company. Although she’s based in England, when her parents ask if she’d housesit for them in New Zealand and look after the landscaping of their garden while they’re away, it sounds like the perfect chance to branch out with her business. The huge house feels like a palace after her small flat in London, and summer in the Bay is like paradise. Then the gardener arrives, and suddenly life’s not so simple anymore.

Danny Love has no patience with the snooty daughter of the Spencers, especially when she acts as if he’s beneath her because of her superior education. Danny didn’t go to university because he had to look after his father, but he’s made up for it by working all the hours under the sun to develop his own landscaping firm. Hermione assumes he’s just one of the rough and ready workmen, and it amuses Danny to string her along for a while, knowing that when she finds out the truth it’ll only make her embarrassment worse.

In spite of their insistence that they can’t stand each other, it isn’t long before the chemistry that’s been sizzling beneath the surface explodes. Both of them are determined it’s just a fling. What Danny doesn’t realize until it’s too late is that beneath the little-rich-girl persona is a passionate and vulnerable woman desperate to make her business succeed without her parents’ help. But by the time he discovers the truth, admitting his own secrets is only going to cause trouble…

Warning: features a woman who knows what she wants and a man not afraid to get his hands dirty. A hot & sultry romance – adults only.


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