Series Saturday – Visitation, North Carolina Series by Lori Foster

Think of books and some of the top names in romance and your sure to come up with Lori Foster as one of your favorites!  I know she is one of mine.  One of those series that really sticks out is her popular Visitation, North Carolina Series which ties in pretty closely with her Winston Brothers set of books.  I know featuring them this week certainly has me wanting to revisit some of my old favorites!

Book 0.5 (novella) – Unbelievable (Fantasy/Tantalizing)

Brandi really means it when she says "Oh, you shouldn’t have" to her sister’s outrageous birthday gift—a five-day dream vacation to a lovers’ retreat…lover included. Just what is she going to do in paradise with sexy stranger Sebastian Sinclair? Anything and everything she wants.

Josie Jackson was growing tired of a constant stream of yawn-inducing blind dates, courtesy of her dear, meddling sister. But Nick Harris wasn’t the stuffy, straitlaced workaholic that Josie had come to expect. In fact, he was just the opposite—tall, dark and ready to give little Miss Josie Jackson a night to remember.

511585Book #1 – Say No To Joe?

Exotic psychic-assistant Luna Clark has avoided confirmed bachelor Joe Winston for three long months. She knows that she’s far too attracted to the very sexy Winston male but when she needs protection for her two young orphaned cousins, she turns to the tough bounty hunter. Delighted at the opportunity to spend time with Luna, Joe packs his bag and accompanies her to North Carolina, where he finds himself falling in love not only with Luna, but with the teen-age girl and young boy who are now her responsibility. But someone is causing “accidents” to happen at the house on Quiet Lake and before Joe can concentrate on seducing Luna, he’ll have to find the perpetrator before the danger escalates. Nobody does blue collar heroes quite like author Lori Foster and Say No To Joe? delivers plenty of sexual sizzle between Joe and the free-spirited heroine who’s clearly savvy enough to handle him. Toss in a couple of endearing kids threatened by a mysterious enemy, an eccentric cast of secondary characters, an interesting plot, and the result is an excellent contemporary romance. Foster has a well-deserved reputation for creating charming, unforgettable characters and steamy romance–and she’s at the top of her game in Say No To Joe?

427287Book #2 – The Secret Life of Bryan

Bounty hunter Bryan Kelly is back, head-over-hormones in lust with a woman he thinks is a hooker. Bryan will do anything for his twin brother, even switch places to find out who wants to sabotage the naive preacher’s charity work with a bunch of sassy, flirtatious prostitutes. But that means Bryan will have to be his brother in every way that counts – and he hadn’t counted on Shay Sommers.

427289Book #3 – When Bruce Met Cyn

Bruce Kelly has spent most of his life helping people who are down on their luck, guiding them toward making better lives. Compassionate and kind, Bruce understands that everyone makes mistakes, even if he’s never actually done anything just colour inside the lines. Nobody’s perfect, but Bruce is about to meet a woman who’s perfect for him. He’s determined to show her that he can be trusted. And if that means proving it by being an absolute gentleman at all times, then so be it. Cyn Potter is a survivor, with a sassy, gallows wit and a fierce independent streak to show for it. She’s used to men wanting only one thing, and this girl is no longer taking applications from big bad wolves in sheep’s clothing, thank you very much. But Bruce Kelly is actually different. Totally hands off. Sometimes she can se a hint of fire when he looks at her, but the guy treats her with the respect she’s always wanted. Maybe too much respect, because truthfully? The guy is fine. Worth taking down a few defences for…and a few other things. And maybe somebody needs to help Bruce start over and discover just how perfect being imperfect can be.

225590Book #4 – Just A Hint – Clint

That’s what crosses Clint Evan’s mind the minute he takes on the four thugs holding heiress Julie Rose hostage. It isn’t the danger–Clint’s made the reputation by being reliably ruthless, a quality that keeps his wounds deeply undercover. What’s got Clint in a lather is Julie herself. The pretty, petite schoolteacher he’s been hired to return to her wealthy fiance is no fainting trust-fund baby. She’s a bit of a hellcat, one who won’t be deterred when she sets her sights on something. And her sights are set on Clint.

The one rule Clint never breaks is this–don’t get involved with the client. He can look, but he definitely cannot touch–even if it’s driving him crazy. Keeping Julie safe until he can figure out who’s behind her kidnapping means never letting her out of his sight. And the closer he sticks to the feisty, seductive woman who makes him feel alive…the harder it gets for him to ever consider letting her go…..

617059Book #5 – Jamie

Carrying a naked woman up a mountain in a driving storm– now there’s a way for a man to start the day. But for Jamie, the unconscious redhead in his arms is an intruder, one who could bring him harm. He has his reasons for hiding out in this mountain cabin; for keeping his emotions hidden; for never, ever getting too close to anyone. And he’s not about to stop now.

Before she passed out in his bed, she said her name was Faith– an appropriate name since he has to take her at her word. Who is she? Why is she here? Who sent her? And what is she doing to him? Jamie’s used to feelings of wariness, isolation, of being on guard. What he’s not used to is this dangerous, nearly uncontrollable new emotion raging through him.

Jamie wants Faith, as a man wants a woman… and it may already be too late to turn back…



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