Sex, Lies and Vampires By Katie MacAlister

Title: Sex, Lies and Vampires

Series: Dark Ones bk 3

Author: Katie MacAlister

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Are you responsible for lifting a centuries-old curse from the sexiest vampire you’ve ever seen?

Does a demon lord want to destroy you?

Have you somehow inadvertently bound several mummies to your soul?

Are you the last hope for a lost little boy?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of the above . . . you’re in big trouble!

Those are a few of the problems facing Nell Harris, a real charmer—no, really . . . a real Charmer—once she hooks up with Adrian Tomas. A devastatingly hot Dark One who’s earned the unfortunate title “the Betrayer” for selling out his own kind to a very nasty demon, Adrian needs Nell in the worst way. Though she’d be way better off keeping her distance, Nell can’t help but find this tormented, undead Betrayer dude just a little too tempting. And this time her penchant for bad boys might cost her more than her heart . . . but her immortal soul as well!

Nell is hired to translate ancient writing on an antique breastplate and has no idea what this will be getting her into. Her translation skills aren’t what Melissande is interested in, it’s her assistance that is needed to help locate Melissande’s nephew and save him from the demon lord known at The Betrayer.

Nell is reluctant to take on this task but she is unable to leave this boy to fate. She begins her investigation discovering that everything is not as it would seem. Her initial fright when she meets The Betrayer is soon overshadowed by the lust and she finds herself questioning everything she has been told up to now. But her suspicions are correct or is she about to become The Betrayer’s latest victim?

I love the Humor Katie MacAlister infuses in her stories, the kind that has me laughing out loud throughout the story. Nell is a great heroine feisty yet determined and when she sees what she wants she gets just that.  Adrian who I fell in love with is a tortured bad boy that oozes sex appeal; you can’t help but hope he redeems himself. Can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

Grade A


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