Shatter Me by Tori St. Claire

cover64205-mediumTitle:  Shatter Me

Series:  n/a

Author:  Tori St. Claire

Genre:  Romance

Blurb:   Bound by honor, caught by desire…

Former Marine Alex McCray is ripped up inside over the knowledge that his best friend died saving him. Now he’s returned to his hometown to honor a promise he made—to take care of his buddy’s widow. Semper fidelis. “Always loyal.” But Alex’s loyalty is about to be tested, because there’s never been a time when Reagan Sanders didn’t make him burn with desire.

All it takes is one night for Reagan and Alex to give in to the deep, carnal need they’ve denied themselves for so long. But Reagan she has secrets of her ownsecrets Alex can never know about her marriage, or the kind of man her husband really was. But one night with Alex isn’t enough. Not even close. Now Alex must choose between his sense of honor…and his heart.

Thoughts:  If you’re looking for a good non-action, military romance, this one will fit the bill nicely. Reagan’s military spouse dies and is a real hero within the community that they live. However, for Reagan he was far from a hero. Instead, he was an abusive husband with whom she spent years living under his thumb. Even in death, he makes sure she suffers, leaving their house, his military benefits that should have went to her on his death – everything, really – to his sister instead. When Alex comes to pay respects to his best friend’s wife, he finds the house run down and her struggling to make ends meet. With Alex admiring his best friend so much – a man who saved his life – how will he react when he finds out the truth?

I loved the story and thought it was a very good title among the genre. You have a hard time kindof warming up to the characters, but the deeper you get into the book the less of an issue it is. I wish that Alex’s attraction to her while she was married to his friend had been played up a little bit more – I really wanted to feel that longing and desire from him, but it fell a little bit flatter than I expected. I really wanted to feel that pull between them when she was still married to her husband, so you could really pull for them more when they finally are able to come together.

Great read!

Rate:  B+


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