Silver-Tongued Devil by Jennifer Blake

 Title: Silver-Tongued Devil

Author: Jennifer Blake

Genre: Historical Romance

The Angel–He saved her life, then made her his prisoner. Now Renold Harden is demanding his due–as Angelica Carew’s new husband. How easy it would be to surrender to Renold’s name, his protection, his passion. But there is something unreal about his words of love, his determined seduction . . . .

The Devil–Renold had conspired to wed and bed her, forcing Angelica into a hellish marriage for the sake of the dowry bestowed upon her: Bonheur, the plantation stolen from his family. His bride would pay the price for her father’s greed and trickery, every day–and night–for the rest of her life . . . .
Only her love could save him–Days of torment melt into nights of searing ecstasy as Angelica helplessly surrenders to the man who deceived and betrayed her. For what began as an act of vengeance becomes heedless, burning love–as the devil who ensnared her heart with duplicity dares to show her the meaning of forgiveness and the magic of forever. . . .

This one started like quite a few others lately, rogue is out for revenge and the perfect target is his enemy’s daughter, who happens to be engaged to someone that frankly disgusts her. What to do, well it was taken out her hands when an explosion happens on the steamboat they were on.  When next she wakens, her family is gone and she is married to the rogue.  Next comes the push and pull from each of them, uncovering the secrets, and figuring out emotions all to end up with everything fine in the end.

With so many books out there you are bound to find ones that you just don’t connect with, this happened to be one of those for me.  I had no emotional connection to the characters and really pushed myself to even finish the book.  While it was not the best for me does not mean that others did not fall in love with it.  Were you one of those?  What did you enjoy about the book?

Grade D

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  1. aurian

    Have not read the book, or this authors other books, but the trope is something I usually like. When they are already married and have to fall in love.


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