Spotlight on Heather Lire – Congrats on your Newest Release!

A few days ago, our very own Heather Lire – owner and head Book Reading Gal here on the site – released her newest book, Holiday, Vermont Book Four: Second Chance At Passion.  Heather isn’t one to really promote herself – especially here on the site, since she’s sees it as somewhat of a conflict of interest.  And while we all admire the heck out of her for that, every now and then we all deserve a little spotlight.  So the rest of the ‘gals’ thought we would feature her books in a spotlight today!  We’re still maintaining that ethical boundary, as none of us are actually posting a review and/or giving our opinion – but just bringing awareness and giving you a little insight into what her books are about!  So, check out her books below!

SecondChanceatForeverCoverArt-200x300Holiday, Vermont Book One: Second Chance At Forever

Blurb:  Morgan Sanderson had her life all planned out, and it didn’t include meeting a cop while on vacation or falling in love with him.  When he disappears their last night together with just a note, she gets on with her life, never expecting to see him again. Except for in the faces of their twin sons nine months later.  Ryan Cartwright has used his resources on the force for years to find the woman he hasn’t been able to forget. But Morgan Churchill doesn’t seem to exist. Until his brother comes up with the best lead he’s had in four years. Holiday, Vermont.  Ryan travels north determined to find out what happened between them. What he discovers becomes a second chance at forever.

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SecondChanceAtHappinessCoverArt-200x300Holiday, Vermont Book Two: Second Chance At Happiness 

Blurb:  When Colin MacCaffe’s personal life comes crashing down around him, he leaves the big city behind for a fresh start in the small town of Holiday Vermont. As the Deputy Chief of Police he spends his time making sure the town he’s come to call his own is safe. The only problem in his peaceful life is the arrival of his next door neighbor’s sister. A woman who threatens to destroy the peace of his new life.  After years of putting one foot in front of the other, acting like she was fine for her family Brynn Sanderson – Jackson is mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted. All she wants is a couple of weeks of rest and relaxation while she house sits for her sister. What she gets instead is a trip to the hospital, emergency surgery, and the neighbor next door. A man who makes her feel more than she wants to.  They will have to put their past heartaches behind them, and go after the happiness they’ve always wanted and thought was forever lost to them.

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AHolidayChristmasCoverArt-200x300Holiday, Vermont Book Three: A Holiday Christmas

Blurb:  There’s magic in the air this Christmas Season in Holiday.  Averie Baldwin wants nothing to do with men. But her family and friends are determined she won’t spend her first Christmas back in Holiday, Vermont alone. So far she’s managed to avoid all their attempts to set her up on dates. Until she’s chosen to represent the school district in the town’s annual Christmas play…with the sexiest man she’s ever seen.  Corey Evans has a job he loves, great friends and a loving, if interfering family, but something is missing. When Averie shows back up in town he knows exactly what he needs in his life. Her. Getting to know her however has proven difficult, until they are thrown together on the annual Christmas play. 

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SecondChanceAtPassionCoverArt72dpi-200x300Holiday, Vermont Book Four:  Second Chance At Passion  (NEWEST Release!!)

Blurb:  Audrey Rodriguez has escaped her family’s life styles of the rich and famous by moving to the small town of Holiday, Vermont. She settles into her new role as bookstore owner, never expecting to run into her Vegas hook-up.  Ethan Cartwright has been ordered to take a vacation by his mom, no less. The only people he can imagine spending down time with is his family in Holiday. He discovers that woman he’d had the best sex of his life was living in this storybook town.  When Ethan’s family needs help taking down a gold-digging-sperm-stealing- ? Ethan and Audrey go undercover giving them more a second chance at passion.

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  1. Jeananna

    YAYYYYY!!! congrats Heather!! so happy for you and proud of you!! and seriously 4 of THE most beautiful book covers I’ve seen!!


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