The Stanislaski Brothers: Mikhail and Alex

The Stanisklaski Brothers: Mikhail and Alex
books 2 and 4

Nora Roberts

Luring A Lady (1991)
Mikhail’s work-hardened hands were not what wealthy ice princess Sydney Hayward was accustomed to, but the classy beauty soon discovered this earthy stranger’s rare talent for Luring a Lady

Convincing Alex (1994)
When Alex mistakenly arrests headstrong Bess McNee for soliciting, she decides the sexy detective is perfect – for her research…and for herself. Now all that’s left is Convincing Alex.

REVIEW: This is one of my all time favorite series by Nora. For those of you that know my oldest sons name you are probably going that is where she got the name, and you would be correct.

Mikhail is man that lives very simply. He knows what is right and what is wrong. He knows that Sydney isn’t taking care of her tenants, and she needs to fix this. He thinks that she is an ice queen, and doesn’t look past his apperance.

Sydney looks at Mikhail and sees what she thinks is a construction worker, and a bossy one at that. The one thing that she really doesn’t like is the way that he makes her feel.

I loved how these two come together, I loved watching them fall in love and discover who they were together, and especially in Sydney’s case who she was on her own.

Alex is a man rooted in rules and regulation, if you look like a hooker, act like a hooker, and are standing by hookers then you are a hooker. He is a NYC cop, and loves what he does. Love is sacred, love is permanent, love has power.  When he meets Bess he has no clue what to think. 

Bess writes for a soap opera and firmly believes in first hand knowledge of what she is putting her characters through, so she dresses up like a hooker, acts like a hooker and goes to where hookers get their clients, and then goes to jail. For her it is all part of the experience. So when she comes up against straight arrow Alex she goes after him.

Once again Nora gives us a couple that you love to read. As you watch these two people from completely opposite worlds come together and try and make something you can’t help but laugh with them and fall just a little bit in love with them.

I will admit that of the two brothers Mikhail is my favorite (why would I name my son after, him shh don’t tell Mike he thinks he is named after him, if he wasn’t) of the whole family.

I give this book a 5 out of 5

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  1. Sherry Jones

    Love those Russian men, uh-huh!

  2. Heather

    Don't you just. Yuri is also a favorite character.

  3. librarypat

    You can always count on Nora to give her characters something to think about and a little misdirection never hurt a plot line.


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