Stardust of Yesterday

Stardust of Yesterday
Haunting Hearts Series bk 1

When Genevieve inherits a castle, she isn’t expecting the incredibly sexy 13th century knight that accompanies it. Unfortunately, he’s a ghost, so fantasy is all Genevieve and Kendrick de Paiget are able to share until Kendrick actually becomes corporeal, and Genevieve has to overcome her fear of the flesh. Hardly your normal problem with a ghost!

REVIEW: I love Lynn Kurland, and have made no bones about it. This book was her first book, however in the de Paiget books, this one falls towards the end.

Having had glimpses of Kendrick before he was cursed, in the other books in this series, we already knew that he was a character. He could be ruthless, but he also had a great capacity to love. After 700 hundred years of being cursed and stuck in the castle that was to have been his in real life, he is a rather cranky man.

He meets his match however in Genevieve. She takes none of his crap. The one thing that she does that no other has ever done is accept him for what he was and love him. The only problem is that he is a ghost and she isn’t.

If you like Lynn’s writing style, and I honestly can’t see how you wouldn’t like her, then you will really enjoy this book.

I give this book a 4.5 out of 5.

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