Staying at Daisy’s

Staying at Daisy’s

Jill Mansell

Love and laughter prevail in this charming chick lit romp. Daisy MacLean is the manager of Colworth Manor, a beautiful county hotel. In the year since her cheating husband was killed in a car accident, she’s been purposefully single. She doesn’t trust handsome and charming men, so former rugby star Dev Tyzack clearly doesn’t stand a chance with her, and the two initially grate on each other—but they can’t deny their increasing attraction. Unfortunately, Daisy’s past is getting in the way of her future, in more ways than one. With a madcap crew of characters, including unlucky-in-love chambermaid Tara and Daisy’s gregarious father, this screwball romantic comedy piles on the humor and humanity for a clever, absorbing, and very enjoyable read. (Publisher’s Weekly)

This is one of those books that from the moment I read the blurb about it I had to read it. It sounded like a fun light read, it didn’t disappoint. It was one of the most enjoyable books that I have read.

The entire cast of characters was a perfect blend of quirky. From Daisy and her swearing of all men forever (like that was really going to happen), Dev (the former rugby player) who wants more from Daisy, Josh (the guy that Daisy thinks she wants), Tara her best friend, Hector her dad, Tara’s aunt Maggie.

At the end of the book I was ready to book a flight to England to find this hotel and move right in. This is one of those books that you don’t want to say to much about because you want people to discover the uniqueness and greatness of this book. There were parts where I laughed out loud and others that I felt the distress of the characters (no I am not going to tell you who and why).

If you are looking for an escape for a couple of hours then pick up this book and sit back and enjoy.

I do have to say that anyone that has a rugby pitch in their backyard and can admire ruggers at will is one lucky person, wonder if Jill has room in her house for one more.

Grade B+



  1. Kim in Hawaii

    I discovered a host of British authors, like Jill Mansell while living in the Netherlands. I swapped Amercan books for British books from a British spouse. Other than Sophia Kinsella and Jane Green, I haven’t seen too many Americans read British authors – how did you learn about Jill?

    I haven’t read this book but will add it to the list.

  2. Lisa Hutson

    Now this sounds like a good one and the cover reflects your review perfectly. I will put it on my wish list. Sooo many!!!

  3. Heather-admin

    Kim I love British authors I have read a several of them. I really like Jill, her books are so much fun. Sourcebooks publishes a lot of British authors which is how I discover them.

    Lisa I think you will like this book.

  4. Jill Mansell

    Hi Heather

    What a fabulous review – thank you so much!! I’m so happy you enjoyed my writing, and can assure you that the rugby players are in the playing field behind our house at this very moment. I’ll give them a wave from you!


    Jill Mansell xx

  5. Aurian

    I love Jill Mansell books, even my sisters do! They are just funny and make you smile. And yes, they are translated in Dutch, which is why my sisters read them too.

  6. admin (Post author)

    Thanks Jill…are you sure there isn’t room for me?


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