Bridget Midway

What’s a wife have to do to get her husband’s attention? Helen tries everything in the book—or at least in one magazine—to grab Jason’s attention. But is the effort enough or should she stick to baking cookies and heading up PTA meetings?

This is a very short story about a married couple that is very much settled into their marriage. Helen is a stay at home with three kids and Jason her husband to take care of. Helen is suddenly afraid that she is no longer attractive to her husband and sets about seducing him. Her fist seduction attempt I have to say started off more like a comedy of errors. Her second attempt was much better.

I liked this story I think mainly because I think at some point or another most stay and home moms feel the way that Helen does. I could very much sympathize with her. I will say that this was more about the sex than anything else in their marriage so beware.

If you have never read one of her books, this is one that you read to see if you like her writing style. It is very short and an easy read. I read it as part of our RomCon Reading Challenge.

I give the this book a 3.75 out of 5.


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