Summer Brides

Summer Brides

Three happily-ever-afters from three of your favorite authors

The Borrowed Bride by Susan Wiggs
During her own bridal shower, Isabel Wharton is whisked away by past love Dan Black Horse to his retreat in the Cascade range. But returning to her Native roots, and Dan’s loving arms, is harder than she ever imagined.

A Bridge to Dreams by Sherryl Woods
With her vacation plans foiled, Karyn Chambers realizes that her long-awaited escape must give way to staying at home in San Francisco. Little does she know her Prince Charming is right in her own backyard.

Sister of the Bride by Susan Mallery
When Katie McCormick finds out that her sister is marrying her ex, she finally agrees to a setup for the big day. To her surprise, Jackson is a
catch. But when wedding catastrophe ensues, will their sparks fizzle or ignite into flames?

These were three really cute and light reads perfect for a day at the beach or just a quick escape.

The Borrowed Bride is about second chances. Isabel & Dan had a rough patch in their relationship and found it easier to walk away from each other than work through it. Now years later Isabel is moving on with her life and Dan shows back up, he realizes he does not want to loose her and has tried to turn his life around. Well of course more rough times are ahead and they almost throw everything away again but I guess true love wins in the end.

A Bridge to Dreams is about new love. Karyn has been saving for a vacation – her first one ever, can you imagine – but life is interrupting again, her car dies for good and she needs to use her vacation money for a new one. In walks PC who offers to take her on a staycation in SF. Well love blossoms of course, despite the overprotective brothers.

Have to say my favorite out of the three was A Bridge to Dreams who would not like to escape with a handsome, wealthy guy that is interested in you – sign me up!

Sister of the Bride is about love found. We met Katie in Chasing Perfect, she had a small part during girls night where we learned that her sister had stolen her fiance. Well now it is time for the wedding which she can’t attend alone so she is hooked up with Jackson, the son of her moms best friend, they had met as teenagers and did not hit it off and moms have been trying to hook them up for years – circumstances now throw them together and they realize that maybe mom really does know best.

Rating 4 of 5


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