Sunday Snippet

Today’s Snippet is from Shelly Laurenston’s books The Beast In Him. Ive read these books over and over and can’t get enough of them. The way Jessie and Smitty act together is so much fun. The Snippet is my Second Favorite scene from this book.

He sat down next to her and kissed her cheek. “Hey, darlin’.”
“Hey.” She opened her eyes and smiled at him.
“Couldn’t take it, huh?”
“All the fussing… and the crying.”
“Who? Momma?”
“Are you kidding? That woman is a Marine. Ordering everybody around. Keeping everybody in line.
It’s been quite a sight to see. And Sissy Mae looks like she’s a few hours away from going after her with
one of your team’s guns.”
“If there’s one thing my momma knows how to do it’s push Sissy’s buttons.”
“She wasn’t pushing, Smitty. It was much more of a stabbing Sissy’s buttons.” Jess smiled. “I’ve really
been enjoying it.”
“If Momma’s not crying, who is?”
“Ronnie Lee.”
“You’re kidding?” he demanded on a laugh.
“I wish I was, but that woman is balling like a baby. I couldn’t take it; I had to go before I punched her.”
“I’m sure Sissy punched her after you left.”
“That I believe. She looked pretty fed up between Ronnie Lee and your mother.”
He leaned back on the stone bench, his hands braced to keep him up, just like Jessie Ann.
“Tell me again this is almost over,” she practically begged.
“It’s almost over, darlin’. Tonight we go on our honeymoon, and I have every intention of fucking you
silly. Startin’ on the plane.”
“Sweet talker.”
“How are you feeling otherwise?”
“A little cranky.”
“I’m guessing it’s going to be that way until she’s here.”
“Well, I remember my mom telling me that when she was pregnant she glowed and was unbelievably
happy.” Jessie squinted at him, the sun full in her eyes. “But my daddy said she was a liar.”
They laughed, and Jessie added, “So buckle up, cowboy. It looks like it’s going to be a wild ride.”

“And I can’t wait.”
“You always were a glutton for abuse.”
Smitty rested his head against Jessie’s. As different as they were, he always felt right when she was
around. Centered. Without even trying, she made his life so much better and it hadn’t been that bad in the
first place.



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