Sunday Snippet: Beyond Pain by Kit Rocha

One of Heather’s favorite series is the Beyond Series by Kit Rocha. This series has become her crack. It’s one of the best erotic dystopia series being written. If you follow Kit Rocha on FB you know they’ve been teasing us with sentences from the book while they’ve been writing it. And Kit Rocha has been generous enough to give us a snippet from Beyond Pain.

His body blocked most of her view of the brothers as they groaned their way to their feet, but there were worse views than denim hugging his ass and the strong expanse of his shoulders. Her body was still cranked, oblivious to the fact that danger had passed.

Or maybe it hadn’t. Those two dumb fucks were about to disappear, and then it’d just be her and Bren and the taste of violence in the air, and maybe that was a thousand times more dangerous.

She really was a goddamn pervert.

The door slammed shut, but Bren didn’t move. “Are you okay?”

His body looked as tense as hers felt liquid. She eased into the open, taking nearly silent steps that wouldn’t fool him. She knew from experience that he heard everything. “I’m fine. You weren’t gonna let anything happen to me.”

“That doesn’t make it pleasant for you.”

“That bullshit was nothing. It used to be my life every damn day.” Reaching out, she grazed the tense line of his shoulder. “Until you.”

He whipped around, eyes blazing, and caught her wrist.

Bloodlust, pure and simple. The same unspent adrenaline burning her veins was surging through his, too. He was a predator who’d checked his killing blow and sent his prey scurrying toward freedom. It wasn’t hard to read the need in his eyes, the longing to turn all that adrenaline toward a different kind of hunt, the kind that would end with her over the table, begging to come on his cock.

She could stop it in a heartbeat, with fear or hesitation or even a whispered word. But the words that slipped past her suddenly numb lips weren’t hesitant. “Watching you beat people down gets me hot. It makes me wet.”

His eyes darkened, and he slid his other hand into her hair. “Here? With bullets and casings all over the floor?”

She traced a hand down to palm his growing erection. “This is what I’m used to. Screwing in a dirty warehouse after someone has tried to kill me. A safe bed’s a little intimidating.”

A quick breath escaped him, along with a soft noise that sounded like a swallowed groan. Then he backed her against the wall and lifted her arms over her head. “Keep them there.”

A clear order. Before she had a chance to either agree or argue, he licked her lower lip. Nothing more obscene than that, except that it took forever for him to trace his tongue from one side of her lip to the other, and she was panting by the time he ran his hands down her sides to tease under the hem of her shirt.

He left them there, his fingers warm on the bare skin of her waist, as he tilted his head, nudged her lips apart, and kept licking. Deeper. Wetter. He was exploring her, tasting her, priming her for his touch in a way that made her squirm.

Fucking was comprehensible. Fucking was neat and fast and clean, even when it was messy. This was something else.


beyond painA woman with no future…

Live fast, die young–anything else is a fantasy for Six. She’s endured the worst the sectors had to throw at her, but falling in with Dallas O’Kane’s Sector Four gang lands her in a whole new world of danger. They’re completely open about everything, including their sexuality–but she hasn’t survived this long by making herself vulnerable. Especially not to men as dominant as Brendan Donnelly.

A man without a past…

Bren is a killer, trained in Eden and thrown to the sectors. His one outlet is pain, in the cage and in the bedroom, and emotion is a luxury he can’t afford–until he meets Six. Protecting her soothes him, but it isn’t enough. Her hunger for touch sparks a journey of erotic discovery where anything goes–voyeurism, flogging, rough sex. He has only one rule: he won’t share her.

In Bren’s arms, Six is finally free to let go. But his obsession with the man who made him a monster could destroy the fragile connection they’ve forged, and cost him the one thing that makes him feel human–her love.


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  1. Hayson

    Looking forward to reading this. I loved the first two Beyonds. Awesome series.


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