Sunday Snippet: Playing With Temptation by Erika WIlde

To say tat I’ve been waiting for this book for a while is an understatement. I’ve had to restrain myself from emailing Erika and asking her how much longer on more than one occasion…. and then there it was sitting in my box the book. I’ve been reading Erika for years (her Wilde series under the name Janelle Dennison is one of my all time favorite series) so trust me when I say that Logan is one of her best heroes EVER. I may have just a slight crush on Logan. Typically when you have an erotic romance that talks place at a BDSM club one of the characters is struggling with their sexuality, that is not the case with either of these characters and I really liked that. The chemistry between Logan and Raina is smoking hot and their journey to HEA is perfect for them.

When it came to The Players Club and his choice of women, Logan was never impulsive.  He’d always been much more calculated in his pursuit of sexual pleasures, finding women who were far more malleable and submissive than Raina — women he knew he could walk away from because they were easy and a one-time challenge because a long-term relationship wasn’t what he was in the market for.  Not when he could still feel the burn from the way his high school sweetheart/fiancée and his best friend had so completely devastated him with their betrayal.

But from the moment he’d seen Raina dancing up in that gold-gilded cage at the Rave party, so uninhibited in her sensuality and that long, gorgeous blonde hair begging to be wrapped around his fist, he’d been riveted.  And even though his gut told him she was different, that she was the exact opposite of docile and pliable when it came to his demands, his cock had wanted her. 

The moment he’d crowded into that cage with her and pressed her against the bars, he’d known that she wasn’t a pushover, that her ability to yield to him would be based on him being stronger and more dominant — a prospect he’d found incredibly arousing.   He’d managed to keep her fingers wrapped around those bars while he’d slid his hand beneath her dress to make her come, and had restrained them again behind her back when she’d straddled his lap on the chair and he’d sunk balls deep into her silken pussy.

But both times, he’d been well aware of the defiance and rebellion in her body’s movements, along with the struggle and need for her to be in charge.  She’d been passionate, full of fire, and an exciting challenge in terms of him maintaining control of her and the scene.  She was clearly a woman who liked being on top, and he’d allowed her that position at the club because it had been convenient to have her sitting astride his lap because of the chair.  But make no mistake, he intended to make sure she knew that he was the top when it came to sex, and he welcomed the challenge of that particular power play between them.

As he watched her lick her bottom lip, something deeper stirred within him, and he was struck with the realization that he didn’t merely want to fuck her.  No, he wanted to unravel her, figure out what made her so guarded and wary beneath her tough facade, and ultimately, he wanted to possess her.

He ignored the warning in his head, the one that was telling him he was breaking all his self-imposed rules and he’d be much smarter to keep their association all about business, instead of pleasure.

But it didn’t matter what his logical mind was advising him, because he wasn’t even close to having his fill of her.  And until he sated this deep, addictive craving he’d developed for Raina, he was going to pull out the heavy artillery and seduce the hell out of her mind and body and make sure she enjoyed what he already knew was a mutual, and undeniable, desire for one another.

They finally reached the lobby level, and as they walked out of the elevator, he deliberately splayed his palm against the small of her back, just because he wanted her to get used to him casually touching her.  She didn’t stiffen or pull away, and he suppressed a smile, chalking it up as a small victory.

They stepped out of the building into the bright, warm sunlight, and he followed her to her car, realizing he didn’t even know where she worked or what she did for a living.

“Where do you work?” he asked.  Since he’d be following her in his own car, it would be good to know what direction they were headed.

She hesitated a noticeable moment before replying.  “At a store in Old Town called Sugar and Spice.”

The name was familiar, and it took Logan a moment to put two and two together and remember what type of business Sugar and Spice was.  “Isn’t that an adult toy store?”

She stopped at a small compact car, unlocked the door, but didn’t get inside.  Instead, she met his gaze straight on.  “I prefer the term adult boutique,” she said, the defensive note to her voice matching the tilt of her chin.  “And I own the place.  If you dare to call it a porn shop, I’m going to have to knee you in the groin.”

He couldn’t have been more surprised, or intrigued, that she owned a place that sold erotic novelty items.  And judging by her comment, her rebellious stance, and the fire in her eyes, she’d clearly expected some kind of crude or derogatory comment about her business, which was something she probably encountered often with more narrow-minded people.

“I’m not about to degrade what you do for a living,” he said, softening his tone, wanting to make sure she knew he wasn’t the type of person to judge or criticize.  Considering he enjoyed incorporating various grown-up toys to increase sexual pleasure, he wasn’t about to be a hypocrite.  “I’m actually fascinated.  I’ve always wanted to check the place out but just haven’t made the time.”

She visibly relaxed.  “Well, here’s your chance.”  She opened the car door, then gave him a sly, teasing glance.  “Just please, no playing with the merchandise.”

He feigned a sigh of disappointment when he really wanted to laugh.  “You’re no fun.  Do I at least get a discount on any purchases I make, because I’m sure there’s going to be something I won’t be able to resist?”  Like leather restraints or a spanking paddle, he thought.  Or maybe use both on her at the same time.

The corner of her lovely mouth twitched as she fought to contain her amusement.  “Since you’ll essentially be working as security at the store, you can have the employee discount.”

“Excellent.”  Feeling bold and daring, especially in a very public place, he reached out and skimmed his thumb along her smooth jaw.  Satisfaction filled him when she didn’t jerk back or slap away his touch, and he tipped his head, pleased that all the awkward tension from the office upstairs had vanished.  “And does whatever I buy come with a personal demonstration?”

Amusement danced in her blue eyes, and she shook her head.  “Absolutely not.”  The breathless quality of her voice underscored the conviction she no doubt had been striving for.

After tucking a wispy strand of hair behind her ear that had come loose from her ponytail, he let his fingers fall away and arched a brow.  “I think I’m going to have to lodge a complaint with the owner about changing that policy.”

She laughed, the sound light and real and so damn sexy.  “Good luck with that.  From what I hear, the owner’s a real ball-buster.”

He grinned, thoroughly enjoying this light and easy banter between the two of them.  “I guess I’ll just have to take my chances.”

playing with temptationWhen Raina Beck is given an invitation to The Players Club, all she wants is a night of decadence with a gorgeous, sexy stranger. The seductive, mysterious man she meets fulfills her deepest desires and most erotic fantasies, giving her a night she’ll never forget. But forgetting him isn’t quite so easy.

Logan Cruz prefers his women submissive and compliant in the bedroom . . . everything the independent Raina is not. Yet from the first moment he lays eyes on her, he’s determined to make Raina his. Despite her resistance.

When Logan is assigned to protect Raina from a stalker, everything between them changes. Sex becomes more than just physical, and emotions run deep. Falling in love was never on Raina’s agenda, but can she let go of the past and surrender the one thing he wants the most . . . her heart?





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