Sunday Snippet: Rocky Mountain Freedom by Vivian Arend

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Today’s Snippet comes from one of Heather’s favorite books, a book she’s waited not so patiently for, Rocky Mountain Freedom. It’s her favorite book in the Six Pack Ranch Series. When her and Vivian were talking about what scene to post Viv told her to pick a favorite scene…so she did. And it’s a HAWT one. 

“Deal the next set of cards,” she instructed.

They’d talked about this. Planned it even, but every step forward took courage to continue. Cassidy waited as the cards were laid out, and this time Ashley got control over Travis.

He leered. “If you’re looking for a little licking, I’m game.”

Ashley pretended to ponder for a moment before shaking her head. “Not yet. What we need is some visual entertainment. I’d like naked, please.”

Travis rolled his eyes. “You’re playing with fire, sweetheart, but I’ll go along with it.”

He rose to his feet, reaching for his T-shirt.

Ashley held out her hand. “Not your clothes. I want you to strip Cassidy.”

All the regular sounds that usually faded into the background suddenly seemed extraordinarily loud. The fan in the kitchen, the hum of the refrigerator. The squeak of a tree limb against the hall roof.

Travis forced his cock back in his pants and did them up—putting on his armour?

Cassidy waited to see if Travis would call the whole thing off right then and there.

He should have known better.

“Stand up,” Travis ordered. He turned to Ashley and pointed at the table. “And you, sit there. You asked for it, so enjoy the show.”

Travis stepped in close and caught Cassidy’s gaze. For a good thirty seconds he stared, and then that wicked grin of his broke free.


Cassidy wasn’t sure how he’d keep his feet. Not when Travis slid a hand up his chest and fisted his shirt. “You rip my buttons off you’re sewing them back on later,” Cassidy warned.

A second hand in the fabric, this time on the left side. Travis leaned close enough his warm breath rushed past Cassidy’s cheek. “You know what? Not a threat. Not a fucking threat at all.”

He jerked his hands apart and buttons flew, landing on the floor with bouncing pings.

Finding them all later would be an issue because Cassidy was caught staring into Travis’s

storm-grey eyes as the other man snapped his shirt back off his shoulders, pinning his arms behind him for a moment as the fabric slid downward.

Bastard tossed the first layer to Ashley like a token. “Here, hold them for us.”

She wiggled on the tabletop. “You going to be all night about it, Travis?”

“I’ll take as long as I damn well please.” Travis snuck his fingers under Cassidy’s T-shirt, separating the fabric from his jeans and slipping his palm against Cassidy’s back.

“Some things are meant to be savoured.”

“Savour faster,” she taunted.

Travis was right there, only inches away, the heat from his body increasing as he grabbed the bottom of Cassidy’s shirt and peeled it upward. As their arms rose, their groins brushed, and Cassidy clenched his fists to stop from rocking harder into Travis.

From grinding them together to get more pressure on his needy cock.

A flick of the wrist tossed the shirt to Ashley, then Travis dropped his hands over Cassidy’s belt. Unbuckled it, pulling the leather apart. His knuckles were warm against Cassidy’s stomach as he slipped his hand into the waistline to hold on as the top button snapped free.

Travis’s fingertips grazed Cassidy’s cock as it reached toward his belly button. Slow, cautious friction as if Travis knew exactly what to expect as the zipper descended. There was more room for Cassidy’s cock now, but still not enough as Travis shoved his jeans over his hips and ground-ward.

“Whose bright idea was it to play games in the mess hall? He’s still got his boots

on,” Travis complained.

Ashley rolled her eyes as she hopped off the table. “You’re such a whiner at times, Travis Coleman.”

rocky mountain freedomThree hurting hearts. Too many secrets. One chance to conquer their fears.

Over the past year, Travis Coleman lost the two people he allowed closest to his heart. Both gave him ultimatums—then left. Hell if he needs that kind of pain again. Time to move forward without the friends he thought might save him from his dangerous cravings.

When Ashley Sims returns to Rocky Mountain House, her rambling lifestyle isn’t all she’s hoping to change. Travis snagged a piece of her, and while getting tangled in his issues again might be crazy, she hasn’t given up on him.

Nine months ago, Cassidy Jones walked away to stop his best friend from making a huge mistake. Temptation lingers, though, and when Travis shows up on his turf accompanied by a sensually uninhibited woman, the combination tosses fuel on the banked fire.
Passion flares among the three of them, as hot as the summer days. But are they willing to push the limits, and fight for love?

Warning: Dirty fighting, dirty talk, dirtier sex—secrets are coming out. Get ready for ménage a trois and cowboy-on-cowboy action, with ropes and crops and the kind of relentless love strong enough to set a man free.


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