Surrender by Pamela Clare

MacKinnons Ranger’s Trilogy bk 1

Rating 3.5

A riveting and exciting tale about the hand picked warriors with the fierce courage of Scottish fathers and the stealth and cunning of the Indians who lived nearby. Battling the French they became MacKinnon’s Rangers.

REVIEW: I have come to really enjoy this author. Her historicals are set in a very tumultious time in our nations history. She has done an excellent job of transporting the reader back in time.

After reading this story and the history in it, I can see why the colonists fought so hard for freedom, to be free to make life decisions all on their own. I am truly grateful for them and their sacrifices on my behalf.
Okay now on to the review…There were times in this book where I wanted to put it down because I was so mad at the treatment of the people in the book, by those of the aristocracy, and I have to admit that I skipped those parts, hey I’m the reader and if I don’t like a part I can skip it, however I really enjoyed the story between Iain and Annie. Iain with his honor, and Annie with her strength and will to surivive. There is also a great supporting characters, in Iain’s brothers (there stories are coming).

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