Test Drive by Marie Harte

cover82305-mediumTitle:    Test Drive

Series:  Body Shop Bad Boys Book #1

Author:  Marie Harte

Genre:  Romance, Contemporary

Johnny, Foley, Sam, and Lou are the rough and tumble mechanics of Webster’s Garage. These reformed bad boys are used to living fast, but it’s the women in their lives who take them from zero to sixty in a heartbeat.

Johnny Devlin’s a charmer with a checkered past. He has had his eye on scorching-hot bartender Lara Valley for ages, but she’s rejected him more than once. That doesn’t mean he won’t come to her aid when some dirtbag mauls her. When she asks him on a date as a no-strings-attached thank you, he can’t say no. And then he’s saying nothing but hell, yes.

Thoughts:  I stumbled on this brand new series purely by accident while shopping for new, recommended reads on Amazon.  The cover –(of course!) – drew my attention and the blurb sounded so good I was reading to hit that one-click button right away!  Unfortunately, I noticed it was a pre-order that didn’t come out for a number of months (I hate waiting!).  Imagine my exaltation and surprise when I see it listed as an ARC on Netgalley!  Uhm…yes, please!  Not only did this book sound amazing, but it was a little something new for me from author Marie Harte.  Now, I love Ms. Harte’s books, I am just more familiar with her paranormal books and not so much the contemporary side of things.  Apparently, the series is a spin-off of her popular McCauley Brothers series – which I must admit that I haven’t read.  Now?  I will definitely be following up!

Johnny Devlin was a great male lead – a good guy with a streak of bad who has the hots for the hot bartender at his favorite hangout.  Unfortunately, they have mostly been eyeing each other across the room with a maybe a short flirty exchange or two.  But Johnny has just been waiting for an opening to finagle his way into Lara’s life –and her bed!  The sparks between these two are great, with a great story to go along with it….and defiantly a series I will continue with!

Rate:  B


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